motel mozaique 2009

This event came across me about a month ago, when I was browsing the Whitest Boy Alive website. Then I was also curious about the event, a festival with tons of performances. So I said to myself, ah I should go and have a look!

So it was that Friday, Good Friday, and I began my solitary journey to Rotterdam. The gig started at around seven so I left home at half-past four, planning to get at least the half-past-five train. But the quarter-to-six train was delayed, and I took the stoptrein (yes, it’s the train that stops on every station) all the way to Rotterdam.

The journey, which I thought took forty-five minutes turned out to take a bit more than an hour. But at least I reached my destination safe and sound.

As I walked out of the station, I was somehow stunned by the city. I don’t know why, but I sensed that the city was vibrant, dynamic, and somewhat adventurous :p It was a city that I planned to visit again one day.

I finally found the first venue, Watt, after walking for a few minutes while listening to Whitest Boy Alive’s “Don’t Give Up” and Hjaltalin’s “Traffic Music” from the train station.

However, I couldn’t any kind of ticket box or something where I could give out my ticket, and there were big security guys in front of Watt. I just hope that they wouldn’t take my camera. Then I went to a park next to Watt, somehow hoping that the boys of Whitest Boy Alive were there just having a little chat. But no. The park was rather nice thou. Oh I was  in love with the city already!

I sat on a park bench and had a look on my ticket. It turned out that I had to hand my ticket in at Rotterdamse Schouwburg, so I looked at the map on my lonely planet book to see where the other venue was. After that I walked there, got a bit lost, until I finally found the place.

There was a big square in front of the Schouwburg, and there I exchanged my ticket with the festival bracelet. Then I went inside the Schouwburg, and the security guys (who were big, but less bigger and less in number compared to Watt) only checked the bracelet, and did not check my bags. So I could actually take my camera inside, yippee!!

The performance would start at around eight, and it was only half past seven. So I just had a look around the building, and then I met Rick – a senior in Media Technology – who came with his girlfriend.

They then went to see Goslink, a local band, who performed in Kleine Zaal, so I just joined them since I actually didn’t know what to watch around that time.

The band was superb. They had all those junk that were transformed into guitars and other sorts of musical instruments. There were guitars from a fruit box and even from a sink!

And just when I thought that was amazing enough, there was actually one of them playing a musical saw. My jaw was dropped when I saw there was actually someone making music with a saw, but then I looked up on wikipedia and the musical saw was actually quite “common”! yikes!

Anyway, during their performance the crowd was laughing to the lyrics and to some comments Goslink made about his songs. Rick told me that the songs were mostly about sex (in a humourous way) and there was one song about being eaten by a crocodile. So no wonder everybody was laughing.



After Goslink, I went to Watt to try my luck in finding Erlend. Lucky me I found him at last, please look at my other blog here.

Erlend actually recommended me to see Fever Ray at Schouwburg, so I went back to Schouwburg just in time to see Fever Ray at half past ten.

Fever Ray’s performance was stunning. With all those laser lights shooting at every directions of the Grote Zaal, they kept the stage dark and made the performance rather mysterious. It turned out that Fever Ray was a project by Karin Dreijer Andersson, one half of Swedish band The Knife, who was famous for not showing their faces on stage.

All the players were wearing a mask, and the music was – in my humble opinion, and not in-depth since I am actually not really good in describing music – a bit of dark trip hop experimental thing. There was a sound of didgeridoo mixed with electronic-ish instruments all in one.

I had a difficulty in taking the pictures since it was really dark, and I was rather in the back side of the hall, so nevermind.. sigh

Fever Ray


Ah yes, after Fever Ray, I went back to Watt again to see Whitest Boy Alive. So go to my other blog again for some of their pictures! 😀

Oh and by the way, the motel mozaique is not just gigs. It’s a whole mix of art performances and exhibitions. So there were paintings, installations, photos, videos, and even lots more if I could just have more time to go to other venues.

Rotterdam, 10.04.2009

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