visiting olive in groningen – pt.1

I always wanted to go to Groningen. I have a friend who is studying there, and I actually applied for the university last year – so me and my friend Olive thought that both of us would study together there. The university rejected me in the end, so I ended up here in Leiden. It was not something that I regretted thou, but still it made me curious to go to that northern part of the Netherlands.

One day one of my best friends when I was in Bandung, Ode, told me that he was going to Groningen for a workshop (he currently studies in Furtwangen, Germany, btw). So I thought it would be a perfect time for me to go to Groningen to meet my two best friends there.

So on Tuesday (30.06.09), I went to Groningen by train. It took me about 3.5 hours to get there, with a 20 minutes transit at Schiphol.

I reached Groningen at around seven, and it was such a perfect time since the sun was still shining in the western sky and it was warm and sunny.

Olive then took me a little walk around town – the old station, vismarkt, and the university building.

olive and her bike

We met Olive’s friend, Nieke, then we picked up Ode at the University guesthouse. We accidentally met Ali, who also had just arrived in Groningen after studying as an exchange student in Germany. So five of us went for a dinner at a Turkish restaurant called Babylon to have some spare ribs 🙂

The spare ribs were great. Despite that I didn’t really eat lamb, but it was just too good to be missed.

After that we had some drinks at one of the cafés in Grote Markt.

Anyway it was so great to meet Ode again after all these years! The last time I met him I think was when we both graduated from our school, back in 2005.. so it had been 4 years! Yikes, how time flies!

It turned out that I wasn’t the only one who found difficulties in my studies. Ode had been living in Germany for the last 3,5 years now, and he hadn’t yet finished his study. Especially since the courses were taught in German, so he had to take a language course for a year, then he went to Dusseldorf for a semester before finally moved to Furtwangen. Wishing him the best of luck for his studies!

After that, we went home. We had some walks around the law faculty, went to the guesthouse, and then Olive took me on the back of her bike to her housing (so called the blue building) on the outskirt of the town. It was about 20 minutes ride, but the 20 minutes was probably because she had to take me on the back of the bike :p

more photos are here

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