visiting olive in groningen – pt.2

The second day in Groningen was such a lazy summer day. I woke up at 10, then had breakfast of nasi goreng that Olive made while watching telly. There was a Michael Jackson special on TMF, with some rare videos of the late Jacko.

view from the top of the students’ dorm

the hallway

jacko on the telly


It was around three when we left the house. As we reached the centrum, we had.. ice cream! Oh and I think it was the best ice cream I’ve ever had in the Netherlands! I had orange and watermelon flavours, and surely it was much much better than the Australian ice cream. Even it was better than the Italian ice cream in Leiden!

behind bars 😛

mozaic turtle

the best ice cream in the netherlands!

oxal and olive

After that we went to the museum, but we were just too late. We reached there at 16.40, and the museum closed at 17.00. So maybe next time.

We then met another friend of Olive, Windy, and after picking up Ode at his guesthouse we went to.. the beach!

Well it was not really a beach, it was actually a manmade lake, but it was a really nice one. It is called Hoornsemeer, with loads of people sunbathing and playing beach volleyball. The lake was really nice, and the clear blue sky made the scenery even more beautiful.

We left the beach at around 8, then we had an Asian dinner at Turbo GoGo. I had a Tjap Tjoi, and it was really nice despite there were just too many tauges in it.

tjap tjoi

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. I had to catch a train back to Leiden so our last journey was the train station. I planned to take the 22.30 train, but when we reached there at 21.40 there was a train to Den Haag central leaving at 21.44 so I took that train instead. Goodbye Groningen! Thanks a lot to Olive and friends for the city tour! 😉

for more photos, click here

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