[dour festival 2009] pet shop boys

my heart starts missing a beat. it’s pet shop boys!! the second time i watch them live, and this time i can take their photos, yaaayy!

= setlist =
did you see me coming?
can you forgive her?/pandemonium
love etc
integral/building a wall
go west
two divided by zero
why don’t we live together?
always on my mind
closer to heaven
left to my own devices
do i have to?
king’s cross
the way it used to be
all over the world
se a vida e
domino dancing/viva la vida
it’s a sin
west end girls

18.07.2009        22.52    oxalis is sneaking in through the crowd. now i’m at the front row
18.07.2009        23.04    oxalis is observing the boxes used for pet shop boys’ performance
18.07.2009        23.26    oxalis says a row of boxes fell down
18.07.2009        23.32    oxalis is very nervous. i really am
18.07.2009        23.43    oxalis says my heart starts missing a beat!

18.07.2009        23.51    oxalis thinks pet shop boys will have the same setlist as their Amsterdam concert
18.07.2009        23.52    oxalis thinks “can you forgive her?” and “pandemonium” is a great combination

19.07.2009        00.03    oxalis says chris (lowe) is banging electric drums for “go west”

19.07.2009        00.08    oxalis says why don’t we live together baby?

19.07.2009        00.14    oxalis says neil returned to the stage with his square sunglasses which he wore for the “did you see me coming?” video

19.07.2009        00.22    oxalis thinks neil looks undeniably gorgeous with the suit and bow tie. he looks a bit like frank sinatra now. :p

19.07.2009        00.43    oxalis says neil wears a bowler hat now. and i want his coat! 😀

19.07.2009        00.57    oxalis is standing right in front of chris. and i can’t get a good shot of him. Except when he was dancing a while on “why don’t we live together?”

19.07.2009 01.00 oxalis says pet shop boys only played one song after encore. West end girls.

19.07.2009        00.23    oxalis thinks it’s such a shame that people are more familiar with pet shop boys covering other people’s songs like “go west” and “always on my mind” 🙁
19.07.2009        01.04    oxalis says I got some good shots of pet shop boys. Neil – close up. Yaay! (dance)
19.07.2009        01.08    oxalis says all good things must come to an end. So does this concert.

19.07.2009        01.09    oxalis says now all my 5 days of camping and 5 hours travel from Leiden mean nothing after being able to see pet shop boys again
19.07.2009        01.15    oxalis thinks as a photographer/fan, I have reached my peak. My finest moment. I don’t think I can ask for more


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