dour festival — manual plurk

as you may well know, i’m a plurk fan, a miniblog which i think is far better than twitter. well since i couldn’t access internet during the festival, so i made some kind of a diary in the form of plurks 😛

the photos of the original manual plurks can be seen here.

15.07.2009        14.35    oxalis was on my way to liacs when richard called

15.07.2009        14.45    oxalis went to laura’s room in liacs 115 and borrowed her tent. i finally got a tent, yaaayy!

15.07.2009        14.58    oxalis reaches the station. saw richard carrying a lot of stuff

15.07.2009        15.08    oxalis went to the bank – running out of money in my account

15.07.2009        15.18    oxalis has just missed the 15.18 train to den haag HS. richard is still waiting for me at platform 8

15.07.2009        15.34    oxalis and richard took the stoptrein to den haag centraal instead. lieven dropped his jumper at voorschoten platform.

15.07.2009        15.40    oxalis says richard jumped out the train to get lieven’s jumper in voorschoten. Then returned back to the train

15.07.2009        15.48    oxalis and richard reach den haag laan van NOI and meet lieven

15.07.2009        16.02    oxalis says the train is delayed. waiting, waiting.

15.07.2009        16.03    oxalis hopes we can still get the international train from HS at 16.08

15.07.2009        16.15    oxalis says ok, we miss the international train now

15.07.2009        16.23    oxalis says finally the train arrives.

15.07.2009        16.24    oxalis says it only takes three short minutes to HS and we had to wait for 30 minutes. Darn.

15.07.2009        16.27    oxalis reaches HS with richard and lieven. meets lieven’s girlfriend miranda

15.07.2009        16.44    oxalis takes the train to brussels zuid

15.07.2009        19.34    oxalis says we are squeezing ourselves to get on the 19.34 train to st.ghislain. the train is full of festival goers.

15.07.2009        20.20    oxalis reaches st. ghislain station. Now squeezing myself to get on the shuttle bus

15.07.2009        20.53    oxalis and friends reach the bus stop for the camping site. Now we have to walk.

15.07.2009        20.58    oxalis says there’s a leak on one of the beer cans in richard’s plastic bag. now richard is having another beer.

15.07.2009        21.45    oxalis is entering the camping site. The bags were not checked at all!

15.07.2009        22.02    oxalis meets miranda’s friends: dan, lou, sjoerd, and quinn

15.07.2009        22.30    oxalis is building my tent, helped by richard.

15.07.2009        22.45    oxalis says yaaayy, my tent (uhm i mean laura’s tent) is ready!

15.07.2009        23.02    oxalis chats with the other boys, but then i got sleepy (:|

15.07.2009        23.18    oxalis has a stroll with richard, gets some water from the tap, and has a look around the site

15.07.2009        23.30    oxalis is sleeping in petya’s warm sleeping bag.

16.07.2009        09.50    oxalis is burnt inside the tent. the sun is too damn hot!

16.07.2009        10.40    oxalis is sunbathing with some new friends

16.07.2009        13.18    oxalis got bit by the ants for the third time in less than two hours

16.07.2009        15.00    oxalis is at the dour festival – and i can bring my camera! 🙂

16.07.2009        15.40    oxalis is enjoying papa dada while eating ‘frites met mayo’

16.07.2009        16.50    oxalis has just finished watching and taking photographs of bony king of nowhere – and they’re really good! *thumbs up* (applause)

16.07.2009        17.00    oxalis terbakar matahari

16.07.2009        17.10    oxalis mengantar seorang teman yang kulitnya terbakar ke tempat pembagian suncream. sekalian ngolesin.

16.07.2009        17.40    oxalis is dehydrating

16.07.2009        17.40    oxalis is buying a milkshake to quench my thirst

16.07.2009        17.50    oxalis is chilling out with richard and lieven between the dance hall and the magic tent

16.07.2009        18.04    oxalis thinks the jim jones revue is not bad, thou it is a bit too loud. but now i’m moving to the dance hall as pascale picard is preparing their (or her?) performance

16.07.2009        18.10    oxalis says some people are playing frisbee inside the dance hall tent

16.07.2009        18.12    oxalis feels sleepy. a friend of mine has even fallen asleep. but probably he just had too much beers.

16.07.2009        18.30    oxalis fell asleep for a little while, sitting and hugging my bag. i was thinking of laying myself down, but we were in the middle of people passing by.

16.07.2009        19.06    oxalis suka ga ngerti kalo ada orang yang ngajak anaknya ke festival

16.07.2009        19.30    oxalis says richard is going back to the tent. lieven and miranda are going to get some dinner. i’m going back to the dance hall to get some nap.

16.07.2009        19.40    oxalis is writing my tour diary as people are going out of the dance hall at the end of pascale picard’s performance

16.07.2009        20.41    oxalis thinks MVSC is great. despite indie-rock-electroclash is so 2000, while i’m from the 90’s generation.

16.07.2009        20.52    oxalis was about to take photos of cocoon. but loads of people were standing near the stage. it seemed that the band is one of belgian prides.

16.07.2009        21.25    oxalis says cocoon is playing an acoustic version of “hey ya”.

16.07.2009        22.10    oxalis is luntang lantung bareng richard (eyeroll)

16.07.2009        23.00    oxalis has returned to my tent. i think i’m going to get some sleep (sleeping)

16.07.2009        23.40    oxalis says hey, there are some guys pissing near me tent! (angry)

17.07.2009        00.00    oxalis says hey, it’s raining

17.07.2009        04.00    oxalis is awake in the middle of the night. i hope it stops raining

17.07.2009        06.05    oxalis says it seems that laura’s tent passes the rain test 😛

17.07.2009        10.20    oxalis is finally awake and having a raisin bread for breakfast

17.07.2009        11.09    oxalis was sitting outside with friends when it suddenly rained

17.07.2009        11.48    oxalis condemns people who peed near me tent. now i can smell the urines every time a wind blows

17.07.2009        12.46    oxalis bertanya-tanya kepada @glasgowmegasnake apakah the sedan vault termasuk band post rock

17.07.2009        13.11    oxalis thinks the vocalist of the sedan vault wants to crossbreed the style of liam gallagher and ian brown

17.07.2009        13.18    oxalis thinks the dour festival has a bad sound system. ok, not that bad. it’s just not really good. well what can you expect from a 100euro/4 days (read:cheap) festival anyway?

17.07.2009        14.30    oxalis is back to my tent and has some nap

17.07.2009        16.46    oxalis says after missing the chance of seeing walls of jericho in jakarta last year, i finally see them at dour

17.07.2009        16.48    oxalis thinks the weather in dour today is worse than the horrible dutch weather. panas-hujan-panas-hujan. duh mudah-mudahan ga sakit

17.07.2009        16.53    oxalis says walls of jericho tells the crowd to say “fuck! fuck! fuck!”

17.07.2009        18.10    oxalis thinks au revoir simone is really good! it’s like bringing the spirit of the all-keyboardist-band thingy back! 🙂

17.07.2009        18.46    oxalis saw sepultura from some dozens of meters away. But then went back to the magic tent with richard. i guess i’m getting old for sepultura *sigh*

17.07.2009        17.40    oxalis is waiting for next performances, eating fries underneath the tree. richard is having a beer.

17.07.2009        19.01    oxalis is pouring my blue tropical-flavoured-slush into my water bottle

17.07.2009        16.31    oxalis hates tall photographers

17.07.2009        19.21    oxalis thinks photographers should not dance in the media pit

17.07.2009        19.36    oxalis says tokyo ska paradise orchestra plays mary had a little lamb :p

17.07.2009        20.26    oxalis is watching the dillinger escape plan. gitarisnya manjat speaker. vokalisnya manjat lighting. gitaris satunya lompat-lompat

17.07.2009        21.16    oxalis wonders lagi ngetrend ya band pake drummer dua?

17.07.2009        21.30    oxalis wonders temen gw kemana ya? koq ga ada di tempat tadi? apa udah ke stage satunya?

17.07.2009        21.41    oxalis says udah jalan separo jalan ke stage satunya, ternyata temen gw masih di stage yang tadi

17.07.2009        21.50    oxalis is surrounded by french-speaking people as seeing — or listening to — french-speaking babylon circus

17.07.2009        2146     oxalis thinks …and you will know us by the trail of dead will be know by their trail of deaths of ear-bleeding. Their music is just way too loud. literally. or maybe because the sound system sucks.

17.07.2009        22.30    oxalis thinks some people can be a bit boring when they’re sober. Maybe I am too.

17.07.2009        2245     oxalis is waiting for mercury rev at the red frequency stage. it’s bloody cold and windy out here!

18.07.2009        00.02    oxalis says Mercury Rev was STUNNING!

18.07.2009        00.04    oxalis says my senses on fire!

18.07.2009        00.17    oxalis is back at club ciruit marquee. Listening to animal collective

18.07.2009        00.14    oxalis was electrocuted by my own camera. My hands were freezing, so that was why, I guess.

18.07.2009        00.35    oxalis fell asleep in the middle of (also) sleeping crowd, as animal collective was performing

18.07.2009        01.30    oxalis is back inside my tent, trying to sleep

18.07.2009        10.50    oxalis says akhirnya mandi juga

sebelum mandi

sesudah mandi 😛

18.07.2009        10.52    oxalis thinks the shower facilities in this festival is not bad. thou of course there’s no hot water and the water is freezing cold!

18.07.2009        11.04    oxalis hopes my shoes dry soon. I hate wearing wet shoes. FYI, my right shoe got soaked by rainwater as I put it near my tent’s door last night 🙁

18.07.2009        11.39    oxalis is listening to mercury rev

18.07.2009        11.47    oxalis says temen gw belum ada yang bangun gini

18.07.2009        14.25    oxalis is queueing to recharge my mobile phone. I hope I can recharge my camera’s battery as well

18.07.2009        14.29    oxalis has just met miranda, dan, and roald. miranda said there’d be no queue at night.. uhm.. (thinking)

18.07.2009        14.40    oxalis says there were lots of people wearing depeche mode t-shirt on pinkpop and tw classic. but here, I guess I’m the only one wearing a pet shop boys t-shirt

18.07.2009        14.45    oxalis is still queueing (:|

18.07.2009        16.05    oxalis is still queueing. yes it’s been 1,5 hours

18.07.2009        16.20    oxalis says thanks to lieven for buying me food tickets

18.07.2009        16.06    oxalis thinks stijn sounds like pet shop boys’ please album mixed with strong new wavey oompa-oompa-oompa blue Monday thingy

18.07.2009        16.39    oxalis is dazily drowned by the music of i like trains

18.07.2009        16.29    oxalis has just finished queueing. phew! two long hours!

18.07.2009        16.44    oxalis wonders why people were kissing as they listen to post-rockey i like trains. maybe because the frustration rate here is really low? (thinking)

18.07.2009        16.53    oxalis thinks bringing an empty lunch box can be very handy. Especially if you don’t eat much at once like me.

18.07.2009        17.10    oxalis met richard and lieven somewhere between dance hall and the magic tent. then we met roald and quinn as they were listening to winston mcanuff at the red frequency stage

18.07.2009        17.53    oxalis says chinese man is playing the doors’ “light my fire”!

18.07.2009        17.49    oxalis says a guy put a coca cola mexican hat on my head. he said it was a present (lol)

18.07.2009        18.40    oxalis hates dry public toilets

18.07.2009        18.47    oxalis says to @wongacid: pir.. gw nonton jazzanova.. :p

18.07.2009        18.55    oxalis says a guy came to me and asked for jazzanova photos.

18.07.2009        19.09    oxalis thinks i need earplugs

18.07.2009        19.16    oxalis says lagi enak-enak ngupil, tau-tau vokalisnya jazzanova atraksi gitar, dimainin di belakang kepala. ga sempet motret. keilangan momen deh gw

18.07.2009        19.55    oxalis is queueing again. This time to recharge my camera’s battery

18.07.2009        20.03    oxalis liat orang tampangnya kayak @sapieasoy (lol)

18.07.2009        20.08    oxalis says udah 3 hari upil gw item-item gini

18.07.2009        21.11    oxalis says ok, enough queueing for today *resting my legs*

18.07.2009        21.33    oxalis is nervous

18.07.2009        22.30    oxalis dihajar dua band post rock dalam sehari

18.07.2009        22.32    oxalis met a belgian boy who went to festivals for the last 3 (yes, three) weekends. And he’s going to pukkelpop as well

18.07.2009        22.48    oxalis met richard, dunya, and lieven near club circuit marquee. but it turned out that richard wanted to see something else first before pet shop boys and will go to the last arena sometime around 23.30

18.07.2009        22.52    oxalis is sneaking in through the crowd. now i’m at the front row

18.07.2009        23.04    oxalis is observing the boxes used for pet shop boys’ performance

18.07.2009        23.26    oxalis says a row of boxes fell down

18.07.2009        23.32    oxalis is very nervous. i really am

18.07.2009        23.43    oxalis says my heart starts missing a beat!

18.07.2009        23.51    oxalis thinks pet shop boys will have the same setlist as their Amsterdam concert

18.07.2009        23.52    oxalis thinks “can you forgive her?” and “pandemonium” is a great combination

19.07.2009        00.03    oxalis says chris (lowe) is banging electric drums for “go west”

19.07.2009        00.08    oxalis says why don’t we live together baby?

19.07.2009        00.14    oxalis says neil returned to the stage with his square sunglasses which he wore for the “did you see me coming?” video

19.07.2009        00.22    oxalis thinks neil looks undeniably gorgeous with the suit and bow tie. he looks a bit like frank sinatra now. :p

19.07.2009        00.43    oxalis says neil wears a bowler hat now. and i want his coat! 😀

19.07.2009        00.57    oxalis is standing right in front of chris. and i can’t get a good shot of him. Except when he was dancing a while on “why don’t we live together?”

19.07.2009        01.00    oxalis says pet shop boys only played one song after encore. West end girls.

19.07.2009        00.23    oxalis thinks it’s such a shame that people are more familiar with pet shop boys covering other people’s songs like “go west” and “always on my mind” 🙁

19.07.2009        01.04    oxalis says I got some good shots of pet shop boys. Neil – close up. Yaay! (dance)

19.07.2009        01.08    oxalis says all good things must come to an end. So does this concert.

19.07.2009        01.09    oxalis says now all my 5 days of camping and 5 hours travel from Leiden mean nothing after being able to see pet shop boys again

19.07.2009        01.15    oxalis thinks as a photographer/fan, I have reached my peak. My finest moment. I don’t think I can ask for more

19.07.2009        01.20    oxalis met dan, miranda, and lieven at the club circuit marquee. The stage is playing a hiphop dj.

19.07.2009        01.26    oxalis was about to return to me tent when i noticed 2 missed calls from richard. called richard

19.07.2009        01.36    oxalis meets richard and dunya near the magic tent. it’s craze and klever, and they played some 90’s dance anthems.

19.07.2009        01.43    oxalis says now they play smack my bitch up. we’re moving through the crowd

19.07.2009        01.50    oxalis says richard keeps on sneaking through the crowd. i got quite a difficult time following him. dunya is behind me

19.07.2009        01.54    oxalis says richard said he had to go to the middle of the crowd to keep himself warm. he got a bit wet as it was raining during the pet shop boys performance

19.07.2009        02.05    oxalis is walking to the dance hall with richard and dunya

19.07.2009        02.15    oxalis doesn’t feel like dancing. i’m going back to the tent. i’m not into parties anyway

19.07.2009        02.30    oxalis is back in the tent and ready to sleep

19.07.2009        11.48    oxalis is too lazy to get out of bed. uhm.. i mean, sleeping bag

19.07.2009        15.00    oxalis has just missed petula clarck

19.07.2009        15.08    oxalis meets sjoerd and roald at the red frequency stage. dancing to volt selector

19.07.2009        15.16    oxalis says sjoerd said he and roald went to the hill near the camping site. and they had to sneak out of the gate

19.07.2009        15.24    oxalis says roald said his legs got stuch in a black mud thingy. and now his legs are covered with that thick black mud

19.07.2009        15.14    oxalis and sjoerd try to keep roald from going back to amsterdam

19.07.2009        15.42    oxalis says roald said goodbye. He has to return to amsterdam as he has to work tomorrow morning. roald got group hugs from his friends.

19.07.2009        15.48    oxalis is dispatching myself from the rest of the group as i just want to have a little walk around

19.07.2009        13.20    oxalis says isi pensil gw abis

19.07.2009        14.54    oxalis liat polisi lagi bersihin kaki kuda (sepatu kuda)

19.07.2009        15.56    oxalis says to @petya5ya: i saw pet shop boys last night and took photos of them from close range

19.07.2009        16.05    oxalis says the night marchers said they were glad to be back in germany again (lol). i don’t know whether they’re kidding, but if not, then they must be sucks at geography 😎

19.07.2009        16.16    oxalis is mengais-ngais memory di sd card. ok, now I can have 204 more small photos

19.07.2009        16.10    oxalis says drummernya the night marchers rambutnya dikepang dua

19.07.2009        16.24    oxalis thinks that the vocalist of the night marchers is either really drunk or have problems with geography. he kept saying ‘germany’!

19.07.2009        16.36    oxalis says lautan manusia di the last arena

19.07.2009        16.40    oxalis was caught in camera. yikes!
19.07.2009        16.44    oxalis thinks one of the problems in dour is that they have too many stages

19.07.2009        16.47    oxalis says the music plays mercury rev’s “butterfly’s wings” minutes before amazing baby performance

19.07.2009        16.50    oxalis says planks in some stages get a bit messy

19.07.2009        17.20    oxalis says amazing baby was not that.. amazing. They sound much better in myspace

19.07.2009        17.25    oxalis says my phone is dead again. So much for the two hours queue 😐

19.07.2009        17.27    oxalis says ah i haven’t told you about how richard and lieven sneaked dunya in to the camping site a couple of nights ago. dunya left leiden at around nine, so when he reached st. ghislain, there was no more shuttele bus and he had to walk all the way from the station to the festival site for 1.5 hours 😐 . when he reached the site, it was already past midnight so he couldn’t get his wristband. moreover, it was raining when he walked from the station. and his ticket got dissolved (the prints). luckily richard had some copies (back up tickets) for dunya. dunya finally could enter the site at around three in the morning.

19.07.2009        18.10    oxalis is ketiduran di the magic tent

19.07.2009        18.27    oxalis is moving to the club circuit marquee. trying to get some sleep (again) :p

19.07.2009        19.01    oxalis is now awake. i have just spent the last 30 minutes sleeping

19.07.2009        19.05    oxalis says vokalisnya rolo tomasi bengek di atas panggung (lol)

19.07.2009        19.12    oxalis says rolo tomasi cuma modal teriak2 doang. I’m off.

19.07.2009        19.25    oxalis is wondering where have the other boys gone. I’m getting bored.

19.07.2009        19.45    oxalis finally found my friends as I walked to les maisons dans la prairie

19.07.2009        19.47    oxalis was lifted by dan, then by lou and pieter. I felt like as if I was crowdsurfing (lol)

19.07.2009        16.38    oxalis thinks this new green cement thingy looks ugly. Really ugly.

19.07.2009        20.04    oxalis is at the red frequency stage. listening to israel vibration

19.07.2009        20.45    oxalis is chatting with dunya and miranda

19.07.2009        21.08    oxalis says dunya finally found 45 empty cups. we went to the eco change to trade 40 cups with a drink ticket. and we got 2 glasses of beer! 🙂

19.07.2009        21.41    oxalis is watching a post punk band called the horrors. They’re quite good.

19.07.2009        21.25    oxalis thinks the keyboardist of the horrors is kinda charming. i mean, I like his face – it’s good for photos.

19.07.2009        21.46    oxalis wonders where richard and dunya are

19.07.2009        22.09    oxalis is watching jamie lidell at the last arena

19.07.2009        22.44    oxalis is enjoying caribou at les maisons dans la prairie. they’re really good.

19.07.2009        22.45    oxalis says oh and sometimes the vocalist also plays drums. So is this two-drummers-thingy a trend now? i’ve seen 3 bands at dour already (which have 2 drummers, that is)

19.07.2009        23.28    oxalis thinks a song played by boss hog at this moment has a similar riff with offspring’s “come out and play”.

19.07.2009        23.41    oxalis thinks mantep juga nih drummernya boss hog. cewe bertampang rocker dan bisa nyanyi sambil ngedrum. gile. some girls have all the luck

20.07.2009        00.10    oxalis is aphex twin

20.07.2009        00.20    oxalis says some people are climbing the sound tower to see aphex twin

20.07.2009        00.32    oxalis is lifted by dan to get a good picture of aphex twin. Thanks!! 🙂

20.07.2009        00.04    oxalis meets dan, sjoerd, lou, and pieter. Thanks God I met these guys! or else i will be smashed in the middle of the crowd

20.07.2009        01.00    oxalis says the guys left the red arena and heading to the dance hall to see 5 elements of hip hop. i’m staying. i probably can get some more good shots.

20.07.2009        01.42    oxalis says aphex twin is finally finished. i’m going back to my tent

20.07.2009        02.10    oxalis is ngemil mie instan *laper tengah malem*

20.07.2009        03.05    oxalis says Ada yang nyalain firecracker di luar tenda gw. dasar norak! kampungan! (angry)

20.07.2009        08.30    oxalis is baru bangun dan langsung beres-beres

20.07.2009        10.13    oxalis is finished packing. I even disassembled the tent myself! *jabang – jadi gw bangga* (lol)

20.07.2009        10.14    oxalis mau cabs tapi temen gw belum ada yang bangun. padahal mau pamitan.

20.07.2009        10.53    oxalis borrows richard’s mobile to send text messages to myriam and ode

20.07.2009        11.04    oxalis says ode bales sms gw. Katanya naik bus 7270 dari triberg ke furtwangen. ode juga bilang bisa ngecharge hp di kereta

20.07.2009        11.15    oxalis is saying goodbye to friends. richard, pieter, quinn, dan, lou, sjoerd, miranda, and lieven. dunya had already left btw, so i have to take laura’s tent all the way to germany

20.07.2009        11.17    oxalis is leaving the camp site

20.07.2009        11.32    oxalis is queueing for the shuttle bus. a red letter day is playing on my mp3 player. How appropriate :p

20.07.2009        11.44    oxalis is on the bus to st. Ghislain station

20.07.2009        12.00    oxalis is at st. ghislain station, waiting for the train to brussels midi. the train should arrive any minutes now.

20.07.2009        12.16    oxalis is tergila-gila the dark is rising-nya mercury rev

20.07.2009        12.36    oxalis is finally got on the train. and I got a seat as well! 🙂

20.07.2009        12.38    oxalis says some people can’t make it on the train. they have to wait for another hour then. poor them.

20.07.2009        13.50    oxalis is at brussels zuid station. waiting for my number. queueing. my number is 3801, and now is still 3753 (eyeroll)

20.07.2009        14.43    oxalis says the ticket to karlsruhe costs me 144 euro, or offenburg 157 euro. what the hell?! i felt like i was ripped off! (angry)

20.07.2009        14.50    oxalis decides not to buy the ticket yet. calls ode and myriam and asks for advice.

20.07.2009        15.01    oxalis says myriam said she usually paid around 50 euro by booking via

20.07.2009        15.06    oxalis officially cancels the plan to furtwangen today. i have no idea what to do. i’ll just check at home and if i can get a ticket tomorrow morning, then i leave.

20.07.2009        15.25    oxalis bought a ticket back to leiden. ah, home.. 🙂

20.07.2009        15.42    oxalis is eating indian curry triangles at wok away express. sekalian biar dapet kembalian buat bayar toilet 50¢. *belet pipis*

20.07.2009        15.59    oxalis says dan bahkan WC pun penuh orang bubaran festival

20.07.2009        16.02    oxalis met richard, lieven, and miranda at the station. i have expected this to happen. in fact, i called richard few minutes earlier but i couldn’t reach him

20.07.2009        16.12    oxalis takes the 16.18 train to amsterdam. ah leiden, here i come!

20.07.2009        16.19    oxalis is eating sweet chicken something from the wok a way. not bad, thou it has too much tauges

20.07.2009        16.46    oxalis is watching the cumulus cloud outside the window

20.07.2009        16.48    oxalis thinks kayanya perut gw kaget, biasa cuma makan roti & kentang sekarang makan nasi.

20.07.2009        16.49    oxalis is baru nyadar kalo udah 5 hari ga makan telor. pantesan lemes :p

20.07.2009        17.11    oxalis is sipping a cup of tea.

20.07.2009        19.03    oxalis is back in Leiden

20.07.2009        19.04    oxalis has survived from the Dour Festival! 🙂

20.07.2009        19.09    oxalis says my mp3 player is playing pet shop boys’ “home and dry”. how appropriate.

20.07.2009        19.19    oxalis is home and dry

photos from dour festival can be found here (day -1), here (day 1), here (day 2), here (day 3, excl. pet shop boys), here (pet shop boys), here (day 4), and here (after the festival).


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