amsterdam pride parade

Ever since I was in Jakarta, I always dreamed of having the chance to witness the pride parade.


1. Because it will never happen in Indonesia. Never, I tell you.
2. LGBT people were still considered as somekind of a laughing target there, which I think was very rude.
3. A parade! I would not miss a parade, surely!
4. To see lots gorgeous gay guys dancing as they roam the Amsterdam canals. Har, har!

OK, nevermind the last one :p

Anyway, I missed the whole celebration because I was too late knowing when the whole parade thingy started. I only knew that the canal parade would be held on Saturday, so that was the most important one.. thou by then I missed the film festival, the zoo guided tour, the museum tour, the art tour, the.. aarrrgghh.. I missed quite a lot!

Nuff said. I finally went to the parade in Amsterdam with Fike and Linda. And if you asked why three straight no-longer-available girls from Leiden went to see the Pride Parade without their boyfriends, well probably we should have Cyndi Lauper on the boat singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!”

Yes, I am kidding. I guess we were all just curious about the parade. I was the one who was a little bit more enthusiastic as I had been wanting to see the parade for ages!

My friend Matt also went to Amsterdam but I didn’t meet him there as it was just too crowded.

Anyway, about the parade, I was a bit disappointed. Well, I guess I over-expected the parade, so when it was not as colourful and not as exciting as I had thought, I got disappointed.

But at least we (who were around an hour or two late) found a nice spot to get some shots. Fike and I were standing on a metal bar around a tree, and I stood there much longer than Fike since I was so determined to get good shots until the parade reached its end, but then I had to accept the consequence of having sore feet.

Oh and we went to the Chinese restaurant afterwards. It was cheap and really nice, thou we had to stand waiting for about 20 minutes or so. The streets were still full of people partying at gay bars when we returned back to the station, and you would soon be too familiar with Robyn S’s “Show Me Love”, Cece Peniston’s “Finally”, Jennifer Lopez “Let’s Get Loud”, and some Village People songs.

Ah, if only I could be a DJ at one of those bars, I would play Culture Club, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Soft Cell, erasure, Pet Shop Boys, Dead or Alive, Savage Garden, or Take That.

Some of my favourite shots and some photos I just love to comment on 😛


will green be the new pink?

i shaved my what?!

we love and trust our gay friends 🙂

love is in the air <3

pink dj


fake six packs

more photos are here


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