parkpop 2010


For me it was amazing to see the power of proximity. In Indonesia (or also other countries where the people are not familiar with German language, Nena’s “99 Red Balloons” was simply just a one hit wonder and unless s/he was a die hard fan, none could actually remember the original lyrics (which was, in German).

But here, in the country which the language itself is very similar to German, I could hear everyone in the front row (and also those in the VIP area) sang along to the songs, especially the 99 Luftballons.

Nena’s performance was a part of Parkpop, an annual free summer festival in Den Haag. This year was already the 20th anniversary of the event, although unfortunately there were not too many big international names.

So that was why I came rather late (well i also still had to do my assignment), and arrived right during the performance of Nick Lowe (not Chris Lowe, haha).

Danko Jones was actually playing at the same time at the other stage, but they seemed to be too loud for me (geesh I’m getting old). The nice thing about Parkpop this year was there were no communication problems. It was amazing that I could actually send text messaged and call my friend. Last year, it was a disaster. If you lost your friends, then you lost them. And trying to find your friends in the sea of tens of thousands of people without mobile network is barely possible.

But anyway, I only spent a couple of hours at parkpop yet i had to realise that to go to a festival venue, one had to walk a long way. Well at least I got some nice shots of Nena. And some nice shots of her band, since they seemed to be way more enthusiastic than the singer herself. The backing vocalist boy actually headbanged on stage, and the left-handed bassist made different manouevres.

And.. Uhm, that was it I guess.

you can see more photos from the summer festival here, thou.

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