If Hermione was a mud-blood, then that Saturday afternoon we all became mud-feet.

It was quite a last minute trip. I insisted to use the kruidvat tickets (day ticket for trains, so you can go to any place in the Netherlands for 12,50 euros) to go for a wadlopen somewhere in the north, yet I irresponsibly didn’t do much planning. I asked Maarten to arrange the trip as I was drowned in busy-ness/panic attack/nervous breakdown/whatever that week 🙁

And despite Maarten, who was also busied by some working and apartment hunting-related activities, the trip actually went pretty well. In fact, (almost) everything went too well. The search for clothes, raincoat, and shoes that were ready to be soaked in water and (even) mud went pretty quick. I found children’s shorts and raincoat at Hema, then bought a pair of shoes at the second hand shop which were coincidentally fit my feet really well.

We left the house without a big rush, and we even still had the time to buy some food at Eazie.

One unfortunate incident during the trip was when Maarten forgot a plastic bag full of old shoes, towels, and my raincoat on the bus. He put the bag in the upper compartment, and on the train he asked me to remind him not to forget the bag. I reminded him twice, both on the train to Haarlem and Alkmaar, but I was so sleepy on the bus that I forgot to remind him. I checked the seats before we left the bus and I thought that we didn’t forget anything.

But anyway, it was not that bad. We bought a couple of kitchen towels in the supermarket and Maarten took another pair of shoes (leaving his wet, muddy shoes there) after the wadlopen because there were hundreds pairs of shoes that people left at the end of the trip.


How we got to the wadlopen site (the one in Noord Holland): Took a train to Haarlem, then to Alkmaar. From the train station took an intercity bus (Qliner) no. 350 to Den Oever, then walked to the harbour.

About the trip: The boat took us to an open sea, between Dan Helder (the tip of Noord Holland) and Texel. The boat was filled with little girls (I think there were some excursions or something), so I didn’t have to worry to be drowned in the mud :-p

Wadlopen (mud walking) is a sort of Dutch recreation where people are walking across the “sea” during the low tide near the Frisian islands. The real wadlopen can take up to 4 hours, from the main land of the Netherlands to the small islands, but Maarten found a nice excursion company which allowed inexperienced walker (like me) to walk really shortly.

After the boat has a little round in the open sea (unfortunately it was raining so it was cold), they dropped us near the wadlopen site and we walked to the shore. The wadlopen was really nice, the water was only up to my ankle, so from a distance we looked as if we were Jesus-es, walking on water. At certain spots however, the mud was a bit too soft so if you spent too much time standing still then your feet will get stuck in the mud. That was why it was advisable not to wear sandals or boots because they can stuck in the mud.


Upon reaching the shore we walked through the farm field. I decided to walk barefoot because my shoes were filled with mud. And the grass was really soft (although I had to keep my eyes open to avoid the manure, haha).

When we arrived at the final point we cleaned ourselves, changed clothes, and the guys from the excursion company took us to the bus stop. There was only one bus every hour, so we waited for about half an hour for it — I used the time to take some pictures and have some snacks.


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