[visiting marijke] day 1 // arriving in alphen


My departure was rather late (I’m always late as you know it) but luckily I wasn’t that late in term of arrival :p

Marijke picked me up at Gilze-Rijen station, one station away from Breda, and she drove me to her parents’ house in nice & cozy Alphen. The view was completely different. The last time I was there was in December, when everything was white and grey. This time it was all green and sunny, with giant sprinklers spraying continuous water across the corn fields.

marijke picks me up

It was around 5 when I arrived at her parents’ home, and Marijke’s mother made homemade pancakes for dinner – yum! One was with raisins, and the other one was with cheese. I had 1 raisin one and 1,5 cheese one. Yum yum yum. After dinner Marijke and I spent the evening sitting on the grass in the backyard, enjoying the warm summer sun, green landscape, and fluffy clouds which looked like sugarspin (cotton candy).


the dragon-like clouds

a reflection of clouds on the pond

Marijke also took me to the garden where her parents planted potatoes, courgette, tomatoes, strawberry, etc.


more photos from the south are here

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