[visiting marijke] day 3 // baarle nassau

Day 3

First part of the day: Boerenschuur.

Literally meant the farmers’ stable, Boerenschuur provided almost (almost) everything. From groceries to gardening tools to children toys. And some other more stuff.

I felt like going to Makro and finally bought an egg pot and a nijntje lunch box 😛

We also bought some groceries for us to cook that evening.

After a quick lunch, Marijke drove me to Baarle Nassau (also known as Baarle Hertog, in Belgium), a strange town where it was split to two countries (the Netherlands and Belgium) in a really strange way. (I have the following image from wikipedia).

There Marijke showed me how the split between the Dutch and the Belgian territory was a really strange one. There were this dots on the road (slightly to the left side) and it was the border, not the road line. There were also the dots split a building or even a house, meaning that some part of that house was in the Netherlands territory, and the other one in Belgium.

the border in the middle (slightly to the left) of the road

me crossing the border

We had a really nice ice cream there. It was one of the best ice creams I had ever had in the Netherlands 🙂

ice cream

At around 5 we went home to cook for Marijke’s father. We made the ayam goreng saus mentega *yum*!

ayam goreng saus mentega

After dinner Marijke took me to a lake where we could just have a nice relaxing time. And I tried my first attempt in making a watercolour painting (It didn’t look very nice thou).

the footsteps of seagulls

nice landscape

ps: that morning we fed the chicken and got some eggs from them 🙂

more photos are here

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