last visit to hortus botanicus

I once told myself that if I was home sick, I ought to go to Hortus Botanicus and breathed the tropical air.

Less than a week before my departure to the land of eternal summer, I visited the university’s botanical garden. Neither because I was homesick nor in desperate need of humidity, but I just wanted to have a last visit to a place where I once found it home.

I went there also because I wanted to take photos of the leafless trees :p

This set of photos however, only contains those from mostly inside the greenhouse. Photos of the leafless trees can be found here.

Here are some greens from the greenhouse 🙂

PS: When I was walking in the garden, I started to smell something really strange. It smelled like a new electronic device, fresh from the shop, or like a video tape smell (which I really like). The smell actually came from an odd-looking plant like this..

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