[interlude 5th edition] luky annash and adhitya sofyan


I finally went to see Luky Annash, hooray!

Although his music was not my sort of genre, I always admire the music he wrote and the way he performed on stage. The venue that day was somewhat appropriate for a piano performance, although the crowd was not that many and not that enthusiastic either, most probably due to the expensive ticket price.

And of course it was great to meet my old pal Dee who is now the manager of Luky.

Luky’s setlist include “Bahasa”, “Musik”, “Kritik Tanpa Solusi”, all from his debut album 180°.

He also performed “I Don’t Like Mondays” by Boomtown Rats, saying that going to Hard Rock Cafe reminded him of its old motto of “I Like Monday”.

He closed his performance with his debut single “Bajingan Ibukota”, which you can see the video here, a stop-motion directed by Acha.

ps: a special thanks to dee and luky for this signed CD! 🙂

The second performance was by Adhitya Sofyan, who sounded very similar to John Mayer, both the music and the voice. He had a very nice and soothing voice as he beautifully played his guitar.

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