kupil and gege’s wedding

Royal Indies Wedding.

I borrowed the term coined by mas Tirta, who used it with a hashtag in his twitter. 

And time is indeed a-flying!

It was a happy day to Kupil (a.k.a. Luthfi), the youngest of three brothers, who got married that sunny Sunday.

the newlyweds

All of his dearest friends came to congratulate the happy couple, including his bandmates and all the cisitu asylum (both legal and illegal) tennants.

cisitu asylum-ers dan bapak kos

I was late for the ceremony, arriving right after they had vowed to each other. But then I had a few hours catching up with the Cisitu Asylum-ers, including Dhito the videographer, whom I hadn’t met for four long years.

dhito, vocalist of disco in disguise and currently, a videographer

Fitrah brought his instant camera , and we all had our photos taken with the camera :)

At 11 the reception started and Dynna was already in position, near a big tray of lasagna and Wellington beef. I had quite a lot of food that day, having lasagna, spaghetti, wellington beef, pofertjes, and ice cream. *yum yum!*

dynna with her eyes set on the food

The Bystanderians from Jaksa headquarters arrived on midday and we had a photo with the newlyweds, but unfortunately not from our cameras, so we have to wait until Kupil uploads it somewhere someday. In the mean time, here are some of our photos there..

saweran bystanders
[photo by japir]

[photo by our loyal bystanders photographer gembi :P ]

The wedding singers were the boys from The Trees & The Wild.


Around quarter to one, friends from Elemental Gaze (Fuad, Bilan, Fitrah, and his brother Myrdal) took over the small stage and sang Unperfect Sky (Without Your Smile) acoustically, followed by Adam Sandler’s “Grow Old With You”. The last song was Alphaville’s “Forever Young”, sang by a whole big group of choir (including me).

electronic band elemental gaze went acoustic
as electricity cost is getting more expensive

the choir
[ps: itu kenapa tampang gw kayak lagi nunggu angkot gitu yah]

Here’s a video (click the hyperlink) of us singing “Forever Young”. I first have to warn you to turn down the volume to really really low to avoid shock by our out-of-tune vocals.

Anyway, a really nice, noticeable thing seen at the wedding was this (sent by Arya “be-el”):

photo by mas tirta

Myrdal btw, made a really really nice video of us giving our warmest wishes to the newlyweds.

for a complete photo from the happy sunday afternoon, click here.

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