[flona 2011] pt. 1 // fauna

As the name implies, flona is a flora and fauna fair, annually held in Jakarta. The plants and animals sold at the fair were supposedly legal, i.e. house plants and pets, but in practise there were several ‘wild’ animals that could be bought there. Some booths even forbid me to take pictures, some looked at me suspiciously and asked me what the photos were for. I think if you wore a t-shirt of an environment organisation (an extreme example would be Indonesian own peta-like animal lover organisation “Profauna”) or indicating that you were from the press, then I bet those booths would have shoo-ed you off.

Anyway, the location of this fair was highly convenient for me, as it was only 10 minutes walk from my office. So i managed to go there twice: on my first visit I only managed to go to the fauna section, and the second the flora.


As I have mentioned earlier, some animals sold at the fair were ‘exotic’ and illegal. I was not really sure ‘how illegal’ those animals were, as some booths casually displayed them outside, and visitors could clearly see them and even touched them(especially children, who seemed to want to touch everything).

Some common pets like cats, dogs, and rabbits were strangely unpopular as the current pet trend were: reptiles. Yes, you name it: tortoises, terrapins, snakes, lizards, geckos, iguanas.. They were all there, both local and foreign (exotic) ones. The most common ones, the red-eared terrapins, were sold like peanuts. Only 20,000IDR each.





And there were also some rare ones, either rare in a way that the species were uncommon or the animals were physically deformed. The strangest one was perhaps the red-eared terappin with a concave carapax.

Unfortunately, it started raining so I was stuck in a booth and finally left the venue before I actually had the chance to see the other side of the fair.

And here are some more animals from the fair:

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