[flona 2011] pt.2 // flora

Few years ago, my visit to Flona ended up with me buying loads of houseplants, including a bunch of Adenium roots and a small Anthurium Plowmanii Croat (or in Indonesian: Anthurium gelombang cinta). Adenium and Anthurium were very, very popular in those days, some even worthed more than a hundred of millions IDR. But now the trend had gone and I was actually unsure what sort of plants I would like to buy. No more Adeniums, as there were already a surplus in the house. No zodia (a mosquito-repellent plant) either, as we already had enough to shake off some mosquitoes (and bad odour from the neighbour’s cat). So I only took pictures of the nice and exotic tropical plants.

Some of my favourites (top 5):

ps: On the last day of the fair I finally bought a pot of king jasmine (Jasminum rex), a species of jasmine with softer scent compared to the common jasmine (Jasminum sambac).

And here are the rest of the plants photos 🙂


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