[rockvolution] pt.1 // luky annash


Was what Luky Annash that evening.

Dressed like a bloody butcher and carried a paper knife, Luky took over the stage and sliced the piano. Well not literally, fortunately. It was Rockvolution, a ‘straight-edge’ (well, ‘harmful’-substances-free, to be exact) event which line up included ‘the legendary’ Marky Ramone, the third time coming (just hope they’re not becoming White Lion) Rufio, Tonight Alive (one ‘package’ with Rufio), and The Datsuns.

Saturday was the first day of Rockvolution and the performers were not as spectacular. I missed the Datsuns again (I missed them for the first time when they performed at Leiden’s LVC), but oh well, mwoa.

Back to Luky Annash the piano butcher, as usual he played the piano brilliantly, and sang with all his heart. He opened his performance with “Body and Soul”, followed by ”Kritik Tanpa Solusi” and “Disturbia” from his debut album 180°.

He paused from his piano for PJ Harvey’s “Who The Fuck”, where he wildly shouted the lyrics. And as usual, Luky closed his performance with his smashing debut single “Bajingan Ibukota”, where you could see his dashing slicing-up-the-piano act as if a butcher slaughtering a pack of dead cattles.

But anyway, even though that his performance was as awesome as ever (despite only with one keyboard, instead of two), but the audience was only in numbers less than your fingers. It was pretty sad, not only that the whole festival itself was not as famous as Java Rockin’ Land held on the same weekend, but also that Luky’s performance was exactly the same time as The Datsuns’ 😐

But perhaps one day later, he can be even bigger than The Datsuns that people prefer to see his performance than some New Zealander indie-rock band.

pps: ah yes, this set includes some backstage photos 🙂

and some bits during soundcheck:

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