soulnation // RNRM

The last performance I saw was RNRM, starting half an hour before midnight. And I think their music had changed quite a lot. No more sweet female singer as Nyanya had left the band. The all-boys electronic band now had a rather more ‘aggressive’ music, something which, I believe, would give them a greater future success.

Ekky took over all the vocal parts, with Hendra occasionally provided backing vocals as he played his waldorf synth.

Sid, who just like Ekky is a part of Polyester Embassy, gave really nice rough touches on the guitar. Old member Bueno was on bass, and he reminded me a lot to their album launch gig in Bandung four years ago.

Apart from playing their new materials (which I later read were for their next album), they also played some songs from “Outbox” like “Translove” and “Questions”.



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