Festival Passer Baroe 2012

The festival started early.
Somehow I think it was too early.

Usually, the festival was held after the Pekan Raya Jakarta (Jakarta Fair) was opened in mid-June. Instead, the festival was run a week before. Also, it was early in the sense of time of day. The main act, the “ondel-ondel” parade was already finished by 3, unlike the previous years.

When I went out from the office to see the festival, the ondel-ondel and tanjidor instruments had already been “parked” on the pavement, as local residents prepared themselves to take part in traditional games like tug-o-war and bakiak race.



After watching the games, I walked through the main boulevard of Pasar Baru, the ancient shopping street which unfortunately not well maintained. Just like the years before, the street was filled with mini exhibition from the street painters and loads of food stalls. Yum, yum!

And I think the food stalls were the best part of the festival. Not only that I got to see all sorts of interesting food, but also the food was more varied this time. There were traditional food like mendoan, pecel, telur pindang, and of course the famous Betawi’s kerak telor; foreign food like kebab, crab balls, and pizza; and “new” food products like the really tasty baso tahu (tofu meatballs).

Selamat menikmati!

plus some more random shots..


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