[listening] february 2013

got these songs stuck in my head after it was being played at That’s Life Coffee as we prepared for the exhibition on a rainy Friday evening..

dave gahan – still gorgeous after all these years.
welcome depeche mode’s latest single, “heaven”.

and i’m sorry to say, but this dave gahan’s version of love will tear us apart is better than ian’s

sometimes i think to myself, “am i that strange?”
then i said, “no, i’m not that strange, i’m just this strange” 😉

one of those songs that suddenly popped in my head..
and i just realised (from this video) that paul humphreys is left-handed!

this is what you’d hear if you call arris and he doesn’t pick up.
i don’t mind. haha. love this sunday at twelve’s track!

a big dose of gay songs to get me out of my grumpy mood
you make me feeeeell… mighty reaaaaaaaaaaallllll

and later on i got this song stuck in my head, out of nowhere..

omg. hugh laurie and tom jones. pingsan

was learning to play this song for my keyboard course ages ago 😀

unfortunately i am not impressed by alison moyet’s new single. or maybe i was just expecting too much.

the open-hearted have no thing to fear

owen pallet

is this really BJ thomas? omg.

del marquis’s project sounds like laura brannigan mixed with thomas dolby

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