[listening] april

just listened to matchbox twenty’s new album (yes, i’m late, it was released last year) and their first single was surprisingly good. at first i was so excited but when i listened to the other songs, they were just mwoa

was chatting with maarten one evening and i told him about this funny video by the cambodia space project

which also led us to watching the take away show of white shoes and the couples company

making the list of my top 100 of 1997 had sent me back to the past, watching those old videos again, some i had never really seen it since 1997!

anton corbijn did a cameo (again) in this depeche mode video. omg he still looks so young!

new single from theme park!

rara introduced me to the xx..

and in turn i introduced her to the knife

was watching glee and i just couldn’t get this tune out of my head

and the voice uk is back so i’ve been watching the blind auditions on bbc’s youtube page. the most impressive one was cleo higgins, singing Beyonce’s “Love on Top”. unsurprisingly cleo was a professional singer, from the 1990s girl group Cleopatra. you might remember their hit single “Cleopatra (Comin’ Atcha)”.

dropped by at music+ a couple of weeks ago, and mas johan and japir recommended me this new band:

when we were there btw, a guy was asking to see some dvd’s of 90s alternative bands like live and collective soul. the live live concert (such an ambiguous band name! :P) was recorded in paradiso. that place looks damn good, i miss it!

this song was played at that’s life coffee when i went there a couple of days ago, and we (titing, arris, and i) sang along to this song excitedly. ah, the good 90s..
and man, look at those cool sideburns! 😛

depeche mode has been uploading dozens of videos, including from their latest performance at sxsw. this is one of my favourites. keep shaking that booty dave!

moby is collaborating with mark lanegan, producing this very nice tune

and last but not least, pet shop boys is coming to jakarta!!
i’m so bloody nervous -please please please can i meet them backstage please? i’ve been a fan since i was 10!

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