Ever since I saw him with Hercules and Love Affair at Java Soulnation last year, I can’t seem to get him out of my head. So I started to do a bit of research on Gustaph, whose real name is Stef Caers and once released an EP under the name of “Steffen” (where he looked like someone from a 90s boyband).

Gustaph joined Hercules and Love Affair pretty recently, and has been singing live in some of their concerts but hasn’t made any recording with the band.. yet. Here are some live videos of Hercules and Love Affair – the first two were with Beth and Whitney, while the last one was in Jakarta, with Beth and Rouge Mary. And somewhere down there, there was me dancing about hahaha. Anyway, I think he is extra gorgeous when he’s dancing 😉

And here are some of videos of Hercules and Love Affair doing interviews, and boy look at those legs!

Earlier this year, Gustaph was featured on Moonlight Matters‘ dance track “Come For Me”. Moonlight Matters is a Belgian musician Sebastiaan Vandevoorde who releases his music under the French record label Kitsuné. This video is an awesome one btw.

Gustaph’s most well-known single was probably “Jaded”, which he released in 2011. I had this video played over and over and over again a couple of months ago.

I also found this Belgium’s Radio 1 sessies, where he played an acoustic version of “Jaded”. If you look closely to the first part of the video, you can see that his name was still written as “Stef Caers”.

For the same acoustic session, Gustaph performed with good friend Lady Linn (Lien de Greef), a jazz singer with a unique voice who also resides in Gent, Belgium. In this video they performed an acoustic version of 1994 dance hit “Feel What You Want” by Kristine W.

I also found this two videos, a compilation of his performance at Charlatan, a music cafe in Gent. It opened with “Jaded”, followed by his single “Try Something New”. Lady Linn came in next to sing Crystal Waters’ “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)” – which fits her very well! – and Kristine W’s “Feel What You Want”. In the second video they continued to sing 90s dance hits like C&C Music Factory’s “Pride (A Deeper Love)”, and Lisa Stansfield’s “People Hold On”.

The 2011 EP “Jaded” featured two songs – the self-titled “Jaded” and “Same Thing”. Here is Gustaph singing “Same Thing” live at Maanrock Mechelen, back in 2009.

And now for a bit of time travelling.. This is Gustaph under the name “Steffen” singing 90s summery dance hit “Gonna Lose You”. This record was released in 2000.

I also found this, where Gustaph was featured in a rap song by Gus, still accredited as Stef Caers.

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