Melihat/Dilihat (See/(be) Seen) was an exhibition displaying works by art teachers all across Indonesia, ie. prominent artists and maestros.

I went to the exhibition at Galeri Nasional on Saturday primarily to see Pak Krisna Murti’s “(Miss)call Me, Please”, and it turned out that the installation was displayed on the terrace of the gallery’s main hall. It was a very appropriate way to welcome visitors with such brilliant artwork. It consisted of a set of angklung (a traditional musical instrument from West Java), and the angklung (each play a different note) would shake itself – thus making a particular note sound – as you called the numbers written underneath. Awesome.

I always think it’s always very nice to see a new media art installation that combines recent technology and local arts. And this one was cleverly done.

Unfortunately, as it happens in most artworks that use electronic devices, some of the phone numbers ‘didn’t work’ because the phone didn’t ring anymore. I took a peek on how it worked and I saw that the phones were actually plugged in, meaning they should’ve been on the whole time. However, electronic devices sometimes just couldn’t last for a whole week, and I guess some of them should’ve been replaced. But still, it was a very nice installation. I love it. If only I could’ve gone to the exhibition opening..

This video was from Pak Krisna Murti’s official youtube. It’s really stunning, don’t you think?

Here are some of my photos of the artwork.

Anyway, here are the rest of the artworks displayed at the exhibition, 13-25 June 2013. .

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