Pesta Media

Literally translated as Media Party, Pesta Media was held to celebrate the development of the Indonesian press. I didn’t manage to go to the main events – the seminars etc – I only went to the small gig they held on Saturday evening (22 June 2013). That particular evening btw, was a super-crowded one in downtown Jakarta. There were events celebrating the city’s anniversary, and the residents were flocking the Monas (the city’s largest park) area. It was so full you could barely walk.

Anyway, since I had to go to the office that Saturday, I needed to go somewhere to spend the evening instead of getting stuck in traffic on my way home.

Long story short, the gig was opened by the performance of Inna Kamarie, a jazz singer with a twist. She might be wearing a hijab, but that didn’t stop her from singing all sorts of music, from rock n roll to reggae to of course jazz. She was accompanied by a band from Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran, including her own husband on the guitar.

Next was Tika, who had to perform without her backing vocalists as they were stuck in traffic. With a new haircut and a dress which I assumed was from desigual, Tika rocked the small hall and turned it from a venue that looked like a wedding reception hall (as everybody was sitting down on their chairs) into a proper gig place.

She had some new tracks in hand, and again, with rather provocative lyrics. Although I must admit I couldn’t say I agreed to what she was singing.

Anyway, last but not least was Payung Teduh. Being the latest rising star in the indie music scene, they played a very serene music, which probably reminded you of Float or Sore. Unfortunately, it was too serene for a very tired me that I fell asleep..

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