Flona 2013

I only managed to go twice to Flona (Flora and Fauna Fair) this year – the first time was a brief one with colleagues, mostly to the pets part, and the second time was on the last day of the fair to buy some rosemary. I didn’t take many pictures this year, because there hadn’t been many changes (new trends etc) to the world of house plants and pets, but since I came with my colleagues Yoan and Rara, I could ask them to take photos of me with some animals, yaay! My favourite one was the civet, of course – there are some of them living on the roof of my house, but it had been a while since I saw them. They had this distinguishing smell of pandan, and after I carried the civet my whole body smelled of pandan the whole day 😀

me with a fluffy bunny and a civet (photo by yoan)

the animals

the plants

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