[listening] july

It’s summer so it’s filled with summer festivals. I watched a selection of Glastonbury performances on BBC, but unfortunately they have been taken down. However, I managed to find the performance of.. Rufus Wainwright.

Another festival selection featured on the BBC channel was T in the Park, which I think the lineup was far better than Glastonbury’s. They had Texas, Ocean Colour Scene, and the Scottish pride, Travis. I got goosebumps the first time I watched this on youtube. The crowd was amazing. Their singing was mesmerising. It was simply, the best crowd ever.

Anyway, I ended up looking for some live videos of Rufus, and found this gorgeous performance at Montreux Jazz Festival. And look at his sideburns! 😀

I still watch some concerts and tv shows on youtube, and I found this nice ‘duel’, Neil Hannon vs Duke Special.

And this song was actually released in 2007, but I never really noticed. Since I am a big fan of Neil Hannon’s bass-baritone voice, I found it quite a shame that Neil outsung Duke in this one.

Another ‘duet’ show I watched on youtube was a show featuring Ultravox’s Midge Ure and Heaven 17’s Glenn Gregory. The show was called “Into The Night”, and here’s the first part. Afterwards you can click on the next part (it consists of four parts).

From this show, I had just found out that Molly McQueen was Midge’s daughter. She was the one who sang this:

The song was quite familiar to me, and then I realised that it was once sung by The Faders. Molly was the band’s vocalist and guitarist, and I think they came to Indonesia once, back in 2004-ish. Here‘s the band’s version of the song.

In the first part of July, I was listening to a lot of Annie Lennox. It always reminded me of my youth, and basically, you know you were questioning your sexuality when you felt fascinated by this video when you were merely a 12-year-old.

And last but not least, my synth hero Vince Clarke is making a competition on synth gurning, as he demonstrates here. Ah, if only I could synthgurn!

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