[Pet Shop Boys Jakarta] I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of Thing

It was merely one day to the first Pet Shop Boys concert in Jakarta. I desperately wanted to meet them, yet I hadn’t even had a ticket to see them. I was rather annoyed when I found out that the ticket was bloody expensive. Four years ago, with (almost) the same amount of money I saw them in Belgium’s Dour Festival – along with Aphex Twin, Mercury Rev, and around 80 more bands playing in four days. If I could get a cheaper ticket, even if it’s only slightly cheaper, I would definitely buy it. I could barely sleep on Thursday night. I couldn’t even eat my normal portion of meal. My anxiety had gotten over me.

Why hadn’t I had a ticket only a day before the gig? It’s a long story.

But I will not talk about that.

So anyway, it was Friday noon when I realised I had just missed most of the quizzes on twitter. I decided to make an extensive search on twitter (where most Indonesians currently ‘hang out’) to look for either a quiz or a cheap ticket. I also asked some friends (who had won tickets from quizzes) to let me know if they knew any quizzes. After failing at a quiz, I started to contact friends or anyone who were selling their tickets. I found @supermomo, who sold slightly cheaper tickets but only sold them in pairs. So I contacted my friend Dina who had told me that she wanted to go, but reluctant due to the ticket’s expensive price. She agreed with the slightly cheaper ticket and even asked whether there was another cheap ticket for her friend. So I was about to buy 3 tickets when another friend finally sold his ticket to me for a much cheaper price. In the mean time, I took some quizzes on twitter to win the meet n greet session arranged by the promotor. I seriously want to meet them, so I was ‘screaming’ out loud on facebook and twitter.

Anyway, my friend Lia was a quiz-conscious person so I asked her personally to inform me if there was a Pet Shop Boys quiz on twitter. She was the one who told me about the quiz in Ardan Group, who was giving out tribune tickets and to meet Neil and Chris in person. I said to myself: “I have to win this. I need to win this.”

So I was ‘shouting’ my desperation on twitter and facebook and before the quiz started at 4 pm, I already sat in front of the computer, anxiously waited for the question.

The three questions were finally posted and I quickly answered them one by one. Soon I realised that there was only one answer to the question: “Can You Forgive Her?”

Around an hour later the winners were announced. And.. I was one of them! I couldn’t be happier – it would be a dream come true!

My heart skipped a beat. I was speechless. I was bloody nervous. My knees were weak. A whole village of butterflies were flying in my tummy.

why today I feel like dancing
singing like lovers sing

Thank you thank you very much B Radio, Ardan Group, Big Daddy, and Sheisa for making it happened. I didn’t think I could thank you enough.*hug*

ps: Before I won this competition, I took part in another meet and greet comp held by the organiser, Big Daddy, in which we were asked to take a photo with a friend in our craziest style. So I grabbed Rara to take a photo with me, showing Pet Shop Boys CD and 7″ record while yawning – it was supposedly to look like Pet Shop Boys in their “Actually” album cover.

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