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My February was very much filled with Kylie. First I was preparing for the upcoming mixtape for the International Women’s Day, “Female Friday #1”, with songs by female singers in the early 1990s. Kylie’s 1990 hit “Better the Devil You Know” was included in the mixtape, and if you see the video, Kylie was definitely a good example of a female 1990s icon – with her long blonde hair and shouderless dress. Kylie was, on the (first) peak of her singing career.

And during nights of deadlines and unfinished projects, I started listening dancing to Kylie’s notable dance tunes, such as “Get Out of My Way“, “Shocked“, and “Wow”.

Speaking of “Wow”, this tone-down version at Hyde Park was a total wow. It was quite a shame that this version was not in her “Abbey Road Sessions” album.

So I started to listen to Kylie’s “Abbey Road sessions” album again, and I just found some very awesome reworks from the Australian pop princess. This includes: “Where the Wild Roses Grow” (duet with Nick Cave), “Slow”, “Finer Feelings”, and “Confide in Me”.

The rather trip-hop version of “Slow” was also featured in the Hyde Park. I really like the upright bass sounds btw 🙂

Here’s a link to the full video of the Hyde Park performance.

I couldn’t find any video of Abbey Road Sessions’ “Where the Wild Roses Grow” and “Confide in Me”, but I found this acoustic version of “Confide in Me” – from the BBC Radio 2 Acoustic Live Sessions.

Anyway, Kylie is to release her new album “Kiss Me Once” later this month, and “Into the Blue” was chosen to be the first single. She had an album launch party at the Old Blue Last, London, on Valentine’s eve and I actually prefer this live version than the official music video.

Apart from Kylie, I also started to listen to Madonna (as part of my ‘research’ for the Female Friday mixtape), in particular her “Like A Prayer” album. This was also a huge success for Madonna, and to be honest I used to listen to a lot of songs from this album, including “Dear Jessie“, “Like A Prayer“, and of course the song with a video that inspired many children to be mermaids – “Cherish”

Watching all those videos of female singers in the late 80s/early 90s, I started to realise that during that era, with shoulderless dress became a big hit, it was important to have good-looking shoulders. But for me, the best shoulders still belong to..
Patsy Kensit.

In mid February my head was suddenly filled with 1990s songs, including this one hit wonder from Scritti Politti, “Oh Patti (Don’t Feel Sorry for the Loverboy)”

..which would be nice to be followed by When in Rome’s “The Promise”

Another one hit wonder, Boy Meets Girl’s “Waiting for a Star to Fall” also suddenly popped in my head one morning:

and this should be followed by Climie Fisher’s “Love Changes Everything“.

And yes, I am still watching The Voice UK – and last month was filled with rather mediocre blind auditions, especially if compared to the first three episodes. My favourite one was Jai McConnell, who sang The Noisettes’ “Never Forget You”.

A surprising act was Angie Brown, singing her own song (well, she was the singer for this single by Bizarre Inc) “I’m Gonna Get You“. Sir Tom Jones thought it sounded exactly like the record – well of course it did because it was the real singer herself.

Anyway, Amrick Channa, who unfortunately did not get any chairs turning, performed this hi-NRG song of C&C Music Factory, “Pride (A Deeper Love)” and then I realised – it was one of the songs Gustaph and his friends played in Charlatans! So I started to take a look on that live video again, and when I was searching for Gustaph on youtube, I found this: It was the official video of his second single, “Try Something New”. So I played it again. and again. and again. and again. and again..

Sometimes, Gustaph reminded me of Marc Almond. By coincidence, a friend of mine Joz shared Marc’s 1985 single “Love Letter”

And speaking of Marc Almond, he shared this..
Floppy music by youtube user “Gigawipf” who did “Tainted Love” with floppy disk drives.

Marc Almond then added his own vocals to this floppy music, and you can see it here.

Now back with some more female singers, but this time from the 2000-ish.
First was Lily Allen, who had just released her single, “Air Balloon” early this year. But I was more fascinated by her 2013 single, a cover of Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know”. And what an awesome video too!

And then, I was listening to Kelly Clarkson’s “Greatest Hits”, and I must say this single “Since U Been Gone” gave some memories from my highs and lows of 2005.

For me, this song should be followed by Matchbox Twenty’s “She So Mean“. haha.

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