[mixtape] Female Friday #1 – early 1990s

Female Friday #1 - early 1990s cover

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01 [00:00:00] DNA feat. Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Diner
02 [00:03:48] Shanice – I Love Your Smile
03 [00:08:05] Janet Jackson – Escapade
04 [00:12:50] Mariah Carey – Emotions
05 [00:16:58] Lisa Stansfield – This Is The Right Time
06 [00:21:26] Kylie Minogue – Better The Devil You Know
07 [00:25:17] Gloria Estefan – Get On Your Feet
08 [00:28:55] Martika – Cross My Heart
09 [00:32:41] Taylor Dayne – Tell It To My Heart
10 [00:36:17] Paula Abdul – Opposites Attract
11 [00:40:41] Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam – Let The Beat Hit ‘Em
12 [00:45:18] Debbie Gibson – Electric Youth
13 [00:50:12] Madonna – Cherish
14 [00:54:01] Amy Grant – Every Heartbeat
15 [00:57:34] Belinda Carlisle – Leave A Light On
16 [01:02:09] Wilson Phillips – Hold On
17 [01:05:48] Fan Club – Never Give Up On You
18 [01:11:26] The Cover Girls – We Can’t Go Wrong


It’s International Women’s Day tomorrow so I made this all-female mixtape, specifically from the late 1980s-early 1990s period. (I mistakenly published this blog last Friday, sorry!)

About Female Friday: It started about a couple of years ago. I was at the office on Friday midday and it was just so quiet I couldn’t get myself to work. So I started to make a playlist on my computer – and I call it “Female Friday” – filled with songs from female singers. Mostly were indiepop songs, because they were ‘safe’ to be played at the office.

Anyway, I have been listening to Kylie again lately, especially her early 1990s songs like “Better the Devil You Know” and “Shocked”. Later I even started to listen to Madonna (I used to dislike her so much) – especially from her “Like A Prayer” album. So I started to make another Female Friday playlist, consisting songs by female singers in the early 1990s (1988-1991).

It really reminded me of those days when I was in primary school, watching the only private TV station in Indonesia, RCTI, and we even had to subscribe for it! I think it cost around Rp30,000 per month for the subscription, and every month we received their magazine called ‘Vista’. I remember we still have one of those magazines at home, with Gladys Suwandhi and Jeffry Waworontu on the front cover. Gladys and Jeffry were the hosts of the TV’s music programme called “Roket”, and it featured the latest music videos from abroad (but mostly from the US).

Another music programme on RCTI was America’s Top 10, hosted by none other than Casey Kasem. It was from that programme I first watched Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Mariah Carey. It basically put a foundation to my pop music database.

I can blabber all day about 90s music, so I will just let you listen to the mixtape. Hope you had an awesome blast from the past listening to this one 😉

And Happy International Women’s Day!

ps: Here’s the video playlist, which really reminded me of watching old TV shows. haha.


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