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So finally I put my Female Friday #1 mixtape on my blog (check the post here).
And here’s the youtube playlist:

Anyway, someone else’s playlist made my heart skipped a beat. It was this:
Yazoo’s live performance on The Tube, probably around 1983.

And.. I was soooo happy that Hercules and Love Affair’s new single is out! This one was co-written by Gustaph <3

Marc Almond also released a new single last month, called "Worship Me Now". Well I've already worshipped you for ages, Marc.

Wouter Hamel shared about his guilty pleasure on the Dutch TV show "De Wereld Draait Door", where he sang an awesome acoustic version of Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy"

And I found this live performance of Future Islands singing their latest single "Seasons (Waiting For You)" at David Letterman's Show. Don't you just looove Sam's moves?

A couple of weeks ago I suddenly hummed to Culture Club's "I Just Wanna Be Loved".. I guess I have just been reading Boy George's twitter too much that I had his songs in my head.

I was just selecting some photos from the Yogyakarta trip for the Supper Snapshots exhibition when I saw this photo..
got a devil's haircut in my mind..
So I watched the video again. It really reminded me of my secondary school years – when I had a huge crush on Beck. Haha.

Sari (of the White Shoes and the Couples Company) shared Bell Biv Devoe’s “Poison” on her facebook a couple of weeks ago and on Saturday night I had all these 90s hip-hop tunes in my head!

And now for my current guilty pleasure: The Voice UK. The singing competition entered the battle and knockout rounds last month, and also the quarter and semi-finals. Some very great singers made it through to the finals like Sally Barker and Jermain Jackman, but some unique singers unfortunately were eliminated, like the cute harpist Anna McLuckie, young bubbly guitarist Beth McCarthy, and Jai McConnell (who were surprisingly eliminated in the knockout rounds). When Kylie’s team was down to three, her shining stars of the blind auditions had been already out – even Leo, Jai, Jade, and Femi.

In the battle rounds the highlight was the last performance of Christina Marie and Nathan Amzi, two power house singers from team Ricky. Christina Marie, an obvious favourite of Ricky, was declared as a winner and she went through all the way to the final. A couple of weeks later Nathan posted a studio version of the duet (along with a video) on youtube here.

My favourite battle was Jai vs Nomakoshi, singing Gloria Jones’s “Tainted Love”.

And of course, Sally’s performance was always superb. In this battle she performed Olly Murrs’s “Dear Darlin'” with Talia Smith. She actually didn’t know the song when Tom Jones assigned it to them, but when she got it, she got it damn good.

In the knockouts 16-year-old Beth brilliantly sang Wheatus’s “Teenage Dirtbag”, and during the rehearsal she made everyone in the studio felt old because.. she was merely three when the single was released. 😐

It was quite a shame that Beth had to leave the competition so early. I always thought that she would at least make it through to the live rounds. I found her acoustic performance at Ont’ Sofa singing Lorde’s “Royals” and that was far better than Sophie May’s rendition on the semifinal.

Gary Poole also didn’t make it to the live rounds, even though he had this awesome performance singing George Michael’s “Freedom”.

In the quarter finals it was quite predictable that Emily (team Ricky), Georgia (team Tom), Rachel (team Kylie), and Iesher (team Will) would be eliminated by public vote, partially because of their attitudes instead of their singing capabilities. Emily and Georgia had great performances on the quarter finals though, with Emily sang “Happy” and Georgia sang “Money on My Mind”.

I always like Jermain’s unique vocal since the beginning of The Voice, and I think that he was the snatch of the century. His style is probably not very commercial, and Will might not be very good in ‘guiding’ his unique singers to enter niche market, but we’ll see. For me this is probably his best performance of the competition.

And then.. there were the quarter finalists singing their coaches’ songs – Will’s team sang “Scream & Shout”, Kylie’s sang “All the Lovers’, Tom’s “Burning Down the House”, and Ricky’s “Oh My God”.

The semi-finals were rather boring so I skipped that one..

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