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It was the end of The Voice UK so what was left was the finale. Unfortunately, the performances were not so great although I must admit that Jermain Jackman really deserved to win. For me personally, the highlight of the final was the coach performance, singing Primal Scream’s Rocks.

Unsurprisingly, Christina Marie sang “Power of Love”, which he sang with Nathan Amzi in the battle round. It turned out that Nathan made a video of their duet, looking pretty professional, the two. However, after listening to her performance, it soon reminded me of the real version, by none other than.. Frankie Goes to Hollywood. And look what I found –

Holly Johnson, in his early 50s, still looking dashing and his voice was still as awesome as 25 years ago. Much Love!

So I’ve been listening to Holly Johnson again ever since. Especially “Love Train”, from his debut solo album. And even my tweet was favourited by the gorgeous Holly Johnson himself!


I also started to listen to Jimmy Somerville again. “Read My Lips” has always been a favourite after he went solo.

Later I found Cicero, then a young lad who was signed for Pet Shop Boys’ label Spaghetti Records. In this song you can hear a glimpse of Neil Tennant.

And here are a couple of Pet Shop Boys early videos, when their music was still raw and Neil Tennant was still behind keyboards (or wearing a cowboy hat!)

My walking-on-the-synthpop-memory-lane was continued with some live shows of Depeche Mode. The first one was their 1982 performance of “Sun and Rainfall”, from A Broken Frame. Here you can see how young Dave Gahan’s good looks distracted people from his absurd dance moves. It’s like – basically, no matter how strange your dance moves are, as long as you’re gorgeous, you’re fine.

And then I found this – an acoustic version of “But Not Tonight” with Martin Gore on vocals.

Rufus Wainwright released a best of album earlier this year, and this video was uploaded earlier this month. Don’t you just love the tango? And Rufus’s bittersweet looks..

However, my favourite song from the best of album was “Vibrate”, which was used as the title of the album – Vibrate: The Best of Rufus Wainwright. “Vibrate” was from his third album, “Want One”. Unfortunately, some of my favourite Rufus tracks like “Rules and Regulations”, “California”, and “Rebel Prince” was not in the album 🙁

Anyway, “Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho (The Way He Looks)” is out! I used to watch the short movie (which this feature film was based on), Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho, again and again and again.. So I just can’t wait to see the film! Hopefully it will be played in Indonesia.. either in Q or other movie festivals. And.. the song was Belle and Sebastian’s “There’s Too Much Love”! Sweet.

Here’s Belle and Sebastian singing “There’s Too Much Love” in Rio de Janeiro 13 years ago.

Dutch jazz singer Wouter Hamel has just released his fourth studio album “Pompadour” and this was the (lyric) video of his latest single. Spring is here!

Another new single came from Kaiser Chiefs, who of course gained rising popularity from Ricky Wilson’s involvement in The Voice UK. And his much improved body shape.

We Were Evergreen also released a new single, “False Start”, but I was not very impressed.. It was not as good as their singles two years ago, when they went big with their acoustic performances, including the one for La Blogotheque’s “A Take Away Show”.

And.. I was not very impressed by Lady Linn’s new single either. It was not swing-jazz as in “Here We Go Again” or “No Goodbye At All”, but more of an R&B pop. And this single, “Sassy”, was a disappointment.

There has been so many new releases the last few months and I have missed this – Lily Allen’s new single “Air Balloon”. At first I thought it was nothing special, until it got into my ears and stuck in my head for days.

In contrary, I was very much impressed by Paloma Faith’s new single “Can’t Rely on You” from her latest album “A Perfect Contradiction”, during her performance at The Voice UK. The official video was not so great, but I really loooovvee this kitchen performance. They even replaced a cowbell with a saucepan!

Anyway, after listening to this song for many times, I started to think of making another Female Friday mixtape, filled with songs of (mostly young) UK artists. Here are some of them:

Birdy – Words as Weapons

Eliza Doolittle – Pack Up

Kate Nash – Do-Wah-Doo

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