[Record Store Day 2014] day 2, pt 2 // Bangkutaman

Bangkutaman took the stage at Hey, Folks! to promote their Record Store Day special release “Langkah Baru”.

There were three performances on that second day – the first was Monday Math Class, whose the look of their vocalist exceeded the performance of the other members. The band was also known to be a rainmaker (literally, as it always rains every time they perform) – and it really started to drizzle when they played their last song of the afternoon.

Bangkutaman was up next and the performance was opened with a solo acoustic from mas Acum, accompanied by Mada playing the maracas and tambourine while the other two were setting up. It was followed by their old hits from their first two albums, such as “Sleeping Sand” and “Catch Me When I Fall”, and of course they played their two new tracks “Langkah Baru” and “Iblis Jalanan” (see the video here). Unfortunately, their performance looked kinda hasty as they were afraid that it would rain like the day before and if that happened, Sore wouldn’t have been able to perform..

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