Classica and Jazz family

My parents took me to a Javanese restaurant called Bale Raos on our way from Bawen to Salatiga. The restaurant looked like in the middle of nowhere (ie. not in the middle of a town/city), but it seemed to have their own regular customers to keep up their business.

When we stepped out from the car, we saw a band performing on the front stage of the restaurant. They played a nice jazz-fusion music and they were actually from one family!Their performance was superbly brilliant so we listened very eagerly and showed our appreciation. We had a chat with them after we had finished our lunch (and I did some research online) and found out that they are a very musical family from Salatiga. The father, Joko Irianto and his wife Asmaraningrum raised their children in a musical environment. The three children, all girls, are learning music for eight hours a day, starting from 5 in the morning. He has his children surrounded by music and let them focus on the instruments they like.

The first child, Classica Preludia, 17, has been winning many national piano competitions. She focused on piano, keyboards, and vocals – basically she was the star of the band. The second child, Jazz Angel Estudia, 14, mostly plays percussions (xylophones, vibraphones, maracas) – but at the restaurant she also showed her skills in playing saxophone, along with her father. The youngest child, merely 7, is Dance Concerta. She also plays percussions like her middle sister.

Here is a video of their performance that afternoon:

Pak Joko said that they had performed in national televisions, and often they were asked to play in various music festivals in Jakarta. I personally think that they would be perfectly suitable for the Jazz Crossover Festival, but I am not so sure if that event still exists. But surely Java Jazz Festival should accommodate them, instead of some lousy pop stars who ‘pretended’ to be jazzy.

I joined them playing my shaker and (slightly) dancing to the music. When we were about to leave the restaurant they dedicated a song to me – it was one of Mozart’s works which they had rearranged into a jazz-fusion (with a touch of Javanese music) composition. Thank you, thank you! 🙂

So, if you are a music event organiser and want to have an awesome band for your show, you really, really should contact them. Here’s their name card:


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