Manifesto 2014 – Hall C

Manifesto is a biennial major art exhibition held in Jakarta. This year’s exhibition was their fourth, and it carried the theme of “DAILY LIFE : Knowing The Sign of Time”.

Hall C was like a hidden vault. It was on the other side of the gallery complex, and it has a relatively small entrance. But it was actually much bigger than the Hall B, and it can accommodate the big art installations.

A mixed-media artwork by Stereoflow occupied one part of the wall, while another Bandung collective Pemandangan took over one small room. I really like how Stereoflow pasted all sorts of different materials onto the wall and covered them with their grafitti.

Being a public transport traveller, my personal favourite was “Kereta Akhir Pekan” (Weekend Trains) by Baskoro Latu, who made a collage of train tickets and made a woodcut-like painting over them.

For those who like contemporary cuteness, you could glance at the ceramic plates with motherly messages by Sekarputri Sidhiawati. Reading the writings on the plates was like listening to what common Indonesian mothers say to their daughters.

On the opposite wall, there was a linocut print by Agung Prabowo showing images of all sorts of stuff you can find in modern homes. Conceptually simple, it was the combination of the handmade paper and the artist’s versatility that created an awesome result.

One corner of a space showed an art installation by Cut and Rescue called “The Insects Trainer”. The installation was to show the desk of an insect trainer, with Time Life’s “Insects” book, lab equipments, and scattered notes, among others.

There was also a painting of blue-ish shade, pretty much like the afternoon sky with some cirrus clouds. It was called “Nova #1” by Zusfa Roihan. Titing and I thought that it was a very nice background for a portrait, so I took a(nother) portrait of Titing 😛

Anyway, here are more works from Hall C:

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