[listening] April 2015

Slow Knights, Jessie Ware, Sally Seltmann..

Frankly I still haven’t been able to keep this song out my head ever since it was released in early March.. I really like the whole 90s atmosphere that reminds me so much of the Janet Jackson/En Vogue era, although I actually was never really into of those stuff back then.

Finally their album is out, along with this new gorgeous portrait of the group.

The album is called “Living In A Dark World”, and you can stream it from their soundcloud here:

I am also still intensely listening to Jessie Ware – particularly Champagne Kisses, which has this brilliant video <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIVHAhbKdcg These two videos inspired me to make a playlist called "April Kisses", which also includes The Bird and The Bee's rendition of Hall & Oates's “Kiss on My List”, Kate Nash’s “Kiss That Grrrl”, La Roux’s “Kiss and Not Tell”, Kylie Minogue’s “Kiss Me Once”, and some classics like St. Etienne’s “Kiss and Make Up”, Siouxsie and the Banshees’ “Kiss Them For Me”, and of course, Cher’s “The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss)”.

I have also been watching loads of Jessie Ware’s live acts – from Glastonbury to to BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend to NPR’s Tiny Desk, but my favourite one has got to be the Electronic Beats’ gig in Podgorica, Montenegro. Playing only three songs, but they were her best ones – “You and I (Forever)”, “Want Your Feeling”, and of course, Wildest Moments. The sweetest part was when a fan showed his tattoo “Wildest” and Jessie blew him a kiss.

Last month I have also been listening to dreamy female pop singers, including Say Lou Lou (whom I noticed from Goldroom’s “Embrace EP”, singing “Sweetness Alive”. The Swedish/Australian twin released their own album “Lucid Dreaming” earlier this year, and last month they released this short movie for their single “Nothing But A Heartbeat”.

Anyway, ever since I’m listening to a lot of music in soundcloud, I found some very nice artists, like Yumi Zouma for example. They have just released their second EP “EP II” in March, and their music was like taking you to a cold lake as the season changes from winter to spring. My personal favourite from the EP is “Song For Zoe and Gwen”, but their two first singles, “Catastrophe” and “Alena”, are pretty catchy as well.

You can stream the three most impressive songs from the EP here:

The song somehow reminded me of Wouter Hamel’s “The Lights”.

And.. Sally Seltmann is back! Her new album “Hey, Daydreamer” was released in March and “Billy” was one of the singles. It was actually already released in 2013, but I only knew it last month.

What was actually released also in March was “We Are The Music”, but strangely enough it was not featured in her new album.

I must say that the intro of “We Are The Music” somehow reminded me of Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars”, but the videos and the vibe of the whole song took me to the tunes of Lady Linn’s “The Beat”.

Another cool artist(s) who have just released their album was Public Service Broadcasting. I came to know this band last year after watching their Glastonbury video on youtube, and I have been listening to all their new releases ever since.

Their latest single was called “Valentina”, a Moby-esque single, featuring British dream pop duo Smoke Fairies.

But it was their previous single that really got into my head these past month. This is a very good tune to start the day. Go!

And of course you need to see their NPR’s Tiny Desk Session, where J. Willgoose, Esq did not speak a word. He used a synth voice-recording machine to greet the audience.

For the Record Store Day this year, former Smiths Johnny Marr released this single. It sounds very, very similar to the original by Depeche Mode 22 years ago. Wait.. what? 22 years already? :-O

And last but not least, this is my favourite from Jens Lekman’s series of postcards this month:

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