A Nice Afternoon at Oza Tea House

Oza Tea House is a cozy tea house in Jl. Diponegoro, Bandung. I found about this tea house from the Nusantara Tea Festival a few months ago, where they opened a booth and sold their premium teas.

When I arrived in Bandung last month it was raining and cold, but it was perfect for a nice cup of warm tea. I went to the tea house on my own, spending a nice afternoon sipping tea and daydreaming.

The tea house had a classic Dutch colonial architecture, with wooden floor and sofas, and a tea bar in the corner. I chose to sit on the terrace, with vines hanging on one wall and a canopy to prevent direct heat on sunny days. There were also some tropical plants like staghorns and cucumber tree/belimbing wuluh, so I really felt like having a sort of (tropical) Victorian tea time.

I had Classic Orange tea, with a thick layer of honey and a big slice of orange. It was very, very good. I often thought that most fruit-flavoured teas have quite strong aromas, but the taste is very bland. But this one had a very strong taste as well, and it helped me cure my slight headache after the rain and the heavy traffic.

I was hungry that afternoon so I also ordered Spaghetti Aglio Olio, and it also tasted soooo good. The parmesan cheese was covering the spaghetti and I deliberately ate it slower than my usual pace so I could indulge the fine taste of the pasta and the cheese.

I actually wanted a high tea but I was on my own and it would be too expensive and too much for me to have it by myself. (The drawback of being a lone traveller..)

Before my meal being served however, I went to the tea counter and had a look at their tea collection. The waiter nicely explained to me the different kinds of tea that they were selling. They have three premium teas, picked from their plantation in West Java, they are Silver Needle White Tea, Grey Dragon, and Dewata. There were some regular ones as well like Vanilla, Earl Grey, and Sencha.

I bought a small pack of “Morning Spirit”, a green tea mix with dried mango and bergamot. It had a very sweet and fresh smell, which I think it would be perfect to have it before starting the day.

Unfortunately they do not sell their teas online.. at least yet. But there’s always a reason to come to Oza to enjoy a nice cup of tea in the middle of the breezy Bandung afternoon. I definitely will go to Oza again next time I go to Bandung.


ps: I wrote this post late last year, when I went to Bandung for the Indonesian Netlabel Festival. Recently I heard from a friend that the tea house is no longer open on Jl. Diponegoro, and later I found on the internet that they had opened a mini teabar at Cups Coffee Shop on Jl. Trunojoyo.

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