#ThrowbackThursday 1998 April playlist: Record Store Day

This month’s #ThrowbackThursday #1998 is to celebrate Record Store Day, and for me this means reminiscing the glory days of record stores, where in 1998, I paid a monthly pilgrimage. I still remember browsing for at least half an hour in Duta Suara, wondering which cassette tape to buy. And when I finally bought it, I carefully opened the plastic wrapping, took out the sleeve from the case, and sniffed the paper of the sleeve. Different papers mean different smells, and I noticed that it usually depended on the music distributor/label. Universal was bland, while Aquarius Musikindo had a similar smell to a new car smell.

All the songs in this playlist are in the albums which I have the physical copies (either in cassette tapes or CD’s) of. So what was/were your favourite album(s) in 1998?

Here’s the Spotify link and youtube playlist:

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