#ThrowbackThursday: 25 songs from 25 years ago

..or 1994 in 94 minutes.I never really realised how defining 1994 was for me until recently. Basically, almost all of my favourite songs of all time were released in that year, including Erasure’s “Always”, Pet Shop Boys’s “Liberation”, and the Lightning Seeds’s “Lucky You”.

“Always” has always been my favourite song of all time ever since I saw their music video aired on RCTI’s Sekilas Musik. I found the video magical – with Andy Bell defending a princess from a monster (that sort of looked like a Balinese Rangda) in a Japanese winter setting. Pet Shop Boys’s “Liberation” was not less magical, with computer-generated Neil and Chris spreading their wings, singing:

all the way back home at midnight,
you were sleeping on my shoulder

I remember requesting those two songs to MTV Most Wanted a few years later, with Mike Kasem reading both my requests.

Another band that gave a very significant impact on me was The Lightning Seeds, and “Lucky You” was definitely the one that attracted me to Ian Broudie. He was not the typical skinny-junkie stereotype of a Britpop frontman and had this sort of contrast between his melancholic way of singing and the ecstatic guitar playing. It just gave me a certain kind of feeling of excitement, like watching football on telly.

Aaand, there was Morrissey. “The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get” was the first single from Moz that I knew, and I was immediately fascinated by the lyrics. Not long after that, I saw “We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful” on MTV Alternative Nation and I was like, hey there is someone who is bitter and cynical as me. I believed that at that time, I had found my prophet.

Anyway, here’s the Spotify playlist for that defining year

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The Playlist

01 Pet Shop Boys – Liberation
02 Erasure – Always
03 Morrissey – The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
04 The Lightning Seeds – Lucky You
05 James – Say Something
06 Blur – Parklife
07 R.E.M. – What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?
08 Green Day – Basket Case
09 Beastie Boys – Sabotage
10 The Offspring – Come Out and Play
11 John Mellencamp – Wild Night
12 Jon Secada – If You Go
13 The Manhattan Transfer – Let’s Hang On
14 M People – Sight For Sore Eyes
15 Max Sharam – Coma
16 Shampoo – Trouble
17 Live – Selling The Drama
18 Dionne Farris – I Know
19 The Cardigans – Rise & Shine
20 The Wannadies – You and Me Song
21 Hold My Hand – Hootie and the Blowfish
22 Bebe & Cece Winans – If Anything Ever Happened To You
23 Madonna – Take A Bow
24 Lisa Loeb & Nine Tails – Stay
25 Frente! – Bizarre Love Triangle

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