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[mixtape] dancing deadlines

Working this weekend? Need to finish your work before Monday? Then maybe you can have a listen to this mixtape.

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[mixtape] winter in june

I found it very strange, that during the hottest days of the year, I suddenly felt bleak and gloomy. Again I started to think the bright future was slipping from my grasp, and I was stuck in this state forever.

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[summer with the eaters] paris pt.4.3. — louvre

21.07.2010 As my sister and I had already expected, the people flooding Louvre¬†would look like Jakarta inhabitants flooding the Ancol beach on Idul Fitri. They all looked like a big bowl of cendol. ¬† cendol (I didn’t take this picture, I got it from a blog here) Fortunately we had museum passes so we didn’t …

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