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[summer with the eaters] kaasmarkt in alkmaar

31.07.2010 The cheese market (kaasmarkt) in Alkmaar only opens during the spring/summer (2 April – 3 September), every Friday mornings (10.00-12.00). Since cheese is one of the touristy features of the Netherlands I somehow felt obligated to go there. However, Ci Ichay & Koh Nanug seemed uninterested, most probably because they already had seen the …

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[summer with the eaters] welcome ci ichay and koh nanug :)

18.07.2010 According to the schedule, my sister would have arrived at Schiphol Airport at 7.05. Estimating the immigration hassle etc, I arrived at Schiphol at 7.10, assuming that I was still early. However, the plane arrived much earlier than scheduled, at 6.15. So when I reached the airport with some sunflowers, my sister and my …

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