Park Jammers to play at Hidden Park


Park Jammers are going to play at Melodies for Parks, a cozy afternoon music event in conjunction with Hidden Park at Taman Tanjung, South Jakarta.

We will open the event at 14.00, afterwards there will be some awesome Indonesian bands to accompany your sunny Sunday afternoon while having a cone of chocolate ice cream.

Melodies for Parks

Hidden Park is a movement to revive public parks in Jakarta, and Taman Tanjung is their third park. Every weekend this September they accommodate various activities in the park, from yoga to recycling to urban farming to sketching to music. Here is the full schedule for this weekend:

Hidden Park Schedule

Taman Tanjung is a nice little park in the corner of Jalan Raya Pasar Minggu and Jalan TB Simatupang, South Jakarta. It is still not mapped on Google Maps yet, so we hope this map from the organiser can help you to get you there. We advise you to take public transport or bicycle. To get there by train you can take the Commuter Line to Bogor or Depok and stop at Tanjung Barat station, and walk for about 300 metres. You can also take the small public vehicle (angkot) Mikrolet M17 (Pasar Minggu-Lenteng Agung) or KWK S15 (Pasar Minggu-Pasar Rebo).

Hidden Park Map

See you!