Nusantara International Tea Festival

The Tea Festival was actually not a part of the KTCF (Kota Tua Creative Festival) 2014, but I was so excited that the two events took place at the same time so I could just drop by and drink some tea. Well actually, drink a lot of tea – I drank too much tea that day that I could not sleep until the next morning.

Anyway, I was just so excited to know that there was finally a tea festival in the middle of this coffee-dominated era. I particularly liked the booth of Oza Tea House, a new tea parlour in Bandung. The booth displayed all sorts of tea, from White Silver Needle Tea to Earl Grey to Vanilla. I could even smell most of the different kinds of tea, and I really loved their premium tea – the white silver needle tea (which has a very soft, soothing smell) and the Grey Dragon (with a rich, fresh fruity smell). I was sort on cash unfortunately, so I could only buy the white tea 😉

And all of their products were nicely packed like foreign tea packages. The premium teas were even nicer – they were put in small vacuumed bottles so you were sure that the smells and freshness did not leave the tea leaves.

Titing and I also made a visit to the “Incredible India” booth, where the Tea Board of India served three kinds of tea: Darjeeling, Nilgiri, and Assam, all based on the regions they came from. The Assam tea was probably the most special, because it was planted on the low lands, near sea level, instead of the hills like the two other teas. It also had a rather stronger flavour.

We also went to had a look at the other booths, where we had a look at the Chrysanthemum buds and matcha powder, and later bought a bottle of cold Chrysanthemum tea to refresh ourselves.

Last but not least, surely I had to take a photo with this awesome quote by Fyodor Dostoevsky!

I say let the world go to hell,
But I should always have my tea