cycling leiden-haarlem

The first plan was to cycle through the tulip fields, camp for a night, then cycle all the way to Haarlem. The plan didn’t go that well. But it was not that bad. Instead of camping in Noordwijkerhout, Maarten and I agreed to cycle straight through to Haarlem in a day because the weather was still rather disappointing (it was 8-12 degrees in May during the day, and 5 during the night, very depressing for a tropical person like me).

the route: leiden-haarlem
via: voorhout, lisse, hillegom, hemstede

Our plan to see the tulip fields also turned to slight disappointment because we were a bit too late. Most of the tulips have been harvested, and so we only managed to see some flowers. But still, it was a nice day for us and such a big achievement for lazy-ass me to be able to bike +/- 35km in one day. It took us 7 hours to finally reach Maarten’s parents’ house in Haarlem, since we also had two long breaks. One we had a lunch just outside a graveyard in Voorhout, and the second one in a park near a meerkoet’s nest in Hillegom. I even had a little nap! 😉

graveyard in voorhout

taking a break in hillegom

The first half of the journey was really nice. We found out about the Groene Hart (green heart) bicycle tracks, where they put numbers in certain junctions so that we could easily find the route. The scenery was also great. We saw a haven (where people ‘park’ their boats), windmills, farms, and bushes filled with dandelions.

The road from Hillegom to haarlem however, was not that nice. First there was the long, windy, and neverending road. And then i also got a saddle pain, for sitting too long on a bike 🙁

Luckily, Maarten’s parents live in a southern part of haarlem, so it was (slightly) closer.

The next day we went back to Leiden by train. Ozzy the bike got its first train experience! 😉


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