tjikini weekend // craft day

Craft Day is back. And after missing the previous Craft Day because we couldn’t see the event from outside (it was actually held in the back part of the cafe, hahaha), we thought we had to see this one. After all, Studiomili opened their booth there!

So after a Saturday swimming session followed by a big lunch at AH Burger, we walked from the Formule 1 Cikini to Kedai Tjikini.

We soon met Arris and Reza of Studiomili, and had a look of their latest poster parade collection – and the drawings were super cute! <3
(Check the Poster Parade #4 here)

Next to their booth was a booth from Studio Balekambang who made wooden blocks with nice vintage drawings. Anyway, I was curious about them, especially because the name of studio resembled the name of my neighbourhood. So I had a chat with Pak Yun of Studio Balekambang and my guess was right – the studio is located very close to my house. So I will pay them a visit soon 😉

And of course there was a booth selling knitting yarns.. This is dangerous. I have promised myself not to buy any yarns (because my yarn drawers are already overloaded with yarns and I haven’t got the time to make anything out of them), but the yarns from Titiniti are just so irresistible. So I finally bought a couple of them, with colours of mint green and peach.

At the end of the day we sat near the window and had coffee and tea – Titing read her favourite book, Arris made some drawings, and I made another bracelet for Titing.


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