[Supper Snapshots Yogyakarta] The Exhibition Opening

Saturday, 1 March 2014The Supper Snapshots exhibition was opened on 1 March 2014, while the exhibition itself runs for a whole month until 30 March.We arrived at LIR around half an hour before the scheduled opening time and soon friends started to come. There were Luci and Sigid from Antara, and Wid and Putra from Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta.

before the opening starts

Dito and I opened the exhibition at 16.30, and I presented the Supper Snapshots book and a framed photo to LIR. Maarten and I chose the lime photo because it reminded us so much of the LIR logo.The opening was followed by a super-gezellige tea time. LIR provided two jars of Javanese tea with bread and savoury snacks, and I added Dutch snacks: stroopwafels and speculaas.

the exhibition is officially opened

tea time!


For me, it was a perfect exhibition opening. The timing was good because we had the mini teapot and cups for the poster which resembled tea time, and LIR had such awesome tea sets, plus the afternoon sun was shining brightly into the terrace.

the exhibition

In the background the music from the Supper Snapshots mixtape was playing, followed by the ‘Seventeen Sunny Summery Songs that Start with the letter S’.

Later that afternoon Nanto also came to the opening, and Dito introduced me to Moki, the artist behind ‘Mukamalas’. Maarten and I like his works very much, and Maarten bought his t-shirt when we visited Yogyakarta a couple of years ago. This time I bought mini booklets consisting of his illustrations, and I asked him to sign them 😉

Around half past 7 Titing and I had to leave LIR to go to our next visit: Klinik Kopi.