Madchester Derby – A Tribute to The Stone Roses and Oasis

No this was not a football match. It was another tribute for Manchester bands – this time it was for The Stone Roses and Oasis.

Organised by Selecta Pop, the same group who did “Girlfriend in a Coma” last month, the gig featured four bands who were heavily influenced by The Stone Roses and Oasis.

As we might have known, the Gallagher brothers of Oasis have been widely known as die-hard Manchester City supporters, and The Stone Roses are on the other side of the city, supporting Manchester United. I found this an interesting concept by the organiser – after all, I always like gigs with a specific theme.

The gig was held at the same venue, Lobbyn Sky Terrace, and on another Tuesday – on the 22nd of February.

I have a funny story of me mistakenly thinking that the event was a week earlier, but that is for another time..


Bangkutaman was the first band performing that evening – with Acum on guitar and vocal, Mada on bass, and Uta on drums. I was very much looking forward to their return to their “roots”, as I frankly am not very keen on their musical shift to folk music. So I was excited when they started playing “She Burns the Disco”. Bangkutaman played the non-single tracks of The Stone Roses, such as “Going Down”, “Sugar Spun Sister”, and “The Sun Still Shines”.


The next band was Supersonic, who as we might have already guessed, is an Oasis cover band. Balon, the former bassist of Telegraph, was on bass. Unfortunately, some parts sounded rather off-key, and often the guitar noise was too loud it drowned the other instruments. They played some of Oasis’s finest hits – starting from “Supersonic” to “Roll With It” to “Don’t Look Back in Anger”.

We Are The Boys

Next was We Are The Boys who covered The Stone Roses. Unlike Bangkutaman, We Are The Boys did not seem to be the super-niche kind of fans band so they played some fine hits from the Mancunians like “Ten-Storey Love Song”, “I Wanna Be Adored”, and “Second Coming”.


The last band playing that evening was Whatever, playing Oasis. The vocalist was wearing a bucket hat and bending his back while singing just like Liam. They did not play “Whatever” though, instead they played some of Oasis’s most upbeat singles like “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?”, “Rockin’ Chair”, and “Rock N’ Roll Star”. The band also played their own single, “Semesta Bersama”.

Adicumi on the decks

Before and between the bands, Cumi was behind the deck playing some Britpop hits like James’s “Sit Down”, Menswear’s “Daydreamer”, and Dodgy’s “Good Enough”. I sneaked behind the deck at the end of the gig to request The Lightning Seeds’ “Ready Or Not” and The Sundays’ “Here’s Where The Story Ends”.