#TapeTuesday: Travis

With Travis coming to We The Fest this Saturday, here are my Travis CDs and cassette tapes that have been accompanying me through my late teens and early twenties: studying for a Calculus exam, channeling my depression through poetry, and designing covers for my mixtapes.

  • The Man Who (1999, cassette tape & CD)
    Their records did not enter the Indonesian market until the early 2000s. I remember I could not find this album anywhere, and only after “The Invisible Band” was released, both albums were available in local record stores.
  • The Invisible Band (2001, cassette tape & CD)
    The Man Who might be my favourite Travis album, but The Invisible Band gave me fond memories of my first year in college. This was the album where I could contemplate the whole evening on my own, writing poetry or just staring at the rice fields outside my window.
  • 12 Memories (2003, cassette tape & CD)
    I am actually not very fond of this album, but I must admit the cover was great. Anton Corbijn never fails to deliver.
  • Singles (2004, cassette tape & CD)
    Back in my final years of college, I used to put the cover of the album (cassette tape, so it was these long accordion pages) on top of my TV in my room. I might have the photo somewhere..
  • The Boy With No Name (2007, cassette tape)
    Wrote a review on this one for Bystanders zine, including a track-by-track review.
    Read here (in Indonesian)
  • Singles (from Sunday Mail)
    Bought this in 2009 from ebay when I was in the Netherlands.